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fluke-mogul / Heule / Nishi-Smith


Label: Humbler
Format: CD/digital
Release Date: April 29, 2021

the uncharted depths of bass drum, koto, & violin trio:
kanoko nishi-smith, gabby fluke-mogul, & jacob felix heule traverse the depths.
long form free improvisation, hand in hand, inch by inch.

Kanoko and Jacob have been playing as a duo since 2007. They formed a trio with gabby in 2019, and recorded this album later that year.

gabby fluke-mogul: violin
Jacob Felix Heule: bass drum
Kanoko Nishi-Smith: koto

recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jacob Felix Heule
drawings by Sara Partch Smith
design by Theresa Currie

Two thorny, gnarly, excellently paced and uncompromising improvised tracks, well worth hearing. - Brian Olewnick

There's times where the creaks and groans from the performers fill the walls, like it's placing you in an old building that struggles under its own weight. But the music also allows the walls to come down, to make the activity plainly visible, rather than something you have to work to find within the texture. I found that this made the music even more engaging on repeat listens, because the sound grammar that they were using out in the open was the same as in the closed space. It taught me how to listen to itself, and I just love it when that happens. - Alex Tripp / Endaural



wavs and mp3s available via google drive:

live at Active Music Series, The Uptown, Oakland, 2019.