budget digital mastering

as needed: editing, stereo balancing, EQ, reverb, compression, limiting, bit depth and sample rate conversion, etc.

I can make a good recording sound better or make a big mess listenable.

Provide me with your music in a digital form and you will receive a master CDR.

$15/hr. Expect a few hours of work for an album's worth of music.

* Brilliant Colors: 7" [Make a Mess]
* Oaxacan: Oaxland [Majmua], tour CDR
* Derek Monypeny: La Tortuga de Alma [Weird Forest]
* Wiggwaum: split 12" with Poorschool [Killertree]
* Poorschool: split 12" with Wiggwaum [Killertree]
* Tony Dryer: Small: Five Studies for Solo Contrabass [Occidentalize(d)] & Duos [Occidentalize(d)]
* Partisan: Sack of Fear [News from Home]
* Sword & Sandals: The Important Thing Right Now
* Vholtz: The Important Thing Right Now
* Womans Worth: The Important Thing Right Now
* Laastad/Hoyer/Gronvold: live set
* Freebass: various albums
* Basshaters: Teeth on Concrete [Occidentalize(d)]
* Dryer/Heule/Wright: Deburring Tool [Bug Incision]
* Storm of Corpses: Bite Your Tongue [Bug Incision]
* Dryer/Heule: Three Quartets [Occidentalize(d)]
* Ettrick: The Important Thing Right Now, Feeders of Ravens [Not Not Fun], Sudden Arrhythmic Death vol. 2 [Not Not Fun], Sudden Arrhythmic Death [American Grizzly], Infinite Horned Abomination, various compilation tracks
* Hodag: self-titled 1 & 2
& more

contact jfheule@gmail.com