2010 Nov 29

Perez Prado, "Voodoo Suite," Voodoo Suite [RCA Victor, 1955]

Pat Kennedy, Clyde Heavy Runner, Kenneth Old Person, & Aloysious Weasel Head, "Owl Dance Songs," 12 Blackfeet Songs [Indian, 1968]
Zs, "MMW I," Music of the Modern White [The Social Registry, 2009]

Edgard Varèse (composer), Pierre Boulez (conductor), "Ionisation," Boulez Conducts Varèse [Columbia, 1977]
Pierre Boulez, "I - Don," Boulez Conducts Boulez: Pli Selon Pli [Columbia, 1967]

Arnold Schoenberg, "Part I," Schoenberg Conducts Schoenberg: Pierrot Lunaire [Columbia, 1975]

György Ligeti (composer), Clytus Gottwald (conductor), "Lux Aeterna," Music from the Motion Picture 2001: A Space Odyssey [MGM, 1968]
Karlheinz Stockhausen (composer), Robert Craft (conductor), "Nr. 5 Zeitmasse for Five Woodwinds," Music of Our Time:Boulez/Stockhausen [Odyssey]

Martin Denny, "A Taste of Honey," A Taste of Honey [Liberty, 1962]
Los Beta 5, "La Jorobita (1971)," various - Cumbia Beat vol. 1 [Sound Way, 2010]
Aníbal Velásquez y su Conjunto, "Cumbia Bogotana," Mambo Loco [Analog Africa, 2010]
Johnny "Chano" Martinez, "Tin Marin" [Musimex, 1974]
44762 Manzanita y su Conjunto, "El Hueleguiso," various - The Roots of Chicha 2 [Barbès, 2010]

Group Inerane, "Telalit," Guitars from Agadez vol 3 [Sublime Frequencies, 2010]
Onuma Singsiri, "Mae Kha Som Tam," various - The Sound of Siam [Sound Way, 2010]
Can, "I Want More (1976)," various - Deutsche Elektronische Musik [Soul Jazz, 2010]
Throbbing Gristle, "Hot on the Heels of Love," 20 Jazz Funk Greats [Industrial, 1979]
Coil, "The Sewage Workers Birthday Party," Scatology [Force and Form/Some Bizarre, 1984]

Joe Colley, "Trance Tapes, Locks, and a Fragment," Disasters of Self [CIP, 2010]
Brandon Nickell, "Time Throne," And If You Set This Mind of Mine Afire Then on My Bloodstream I Yet Will Carry You [Isounderscore, 2010]
Alireza Mashayekhi (composer), Ata Ebtekar (performer), "Little Tales 2," Ornamental [Isounderscore, 2008]
Fred Bigot, "Symmetriad," Mono/Stereo [Holy Mountain, 2009]

Hans Grüsel's Krankenkabinet, "Day 1," Another Miserable Day [Ultra Eczema, 2006]
Nautical Almanac, "Tympanum Dolts," Nautical Almanac/Vertonen split LP [CIP/SNSE, 2004]
The Kinks, "The Village Green Preservation Society," The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society [Pye/Reprise, 1968]

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