2010 Nov 8

Ornette Coleman, "Sleep Talk," Of Human Feelings [Antilles, 1979]
Burton Greene, "From 'Out of Bartok'," Aquariana [BYG, 2002]
Anthony Braxton Quartet, #1, Live October 28, 1976; Stefaniensaal, Graz, Austria

Pere Ubu, "Ubu Dance Party," Dub Housing [Chrysalis, 1978]
The Raincoats, "Black and White," The Raincoats [Rough Trade, 1979]
Crass, "Mother Earth," Stations of the Crass [Crass, 1979]
The Ex, "Pleased to Meat You," Blueprints for a Blackout [Pig Brother, 1984]
Faust, "I've Got My Car and My TV," So Far [Polydor, 1972]

Jean Baudrillard with the Chance Band, #4, Suicide Moi [Compound Annex, 2002]
The Moontrekkers, "John Brown's Body," The Joe Meek Collection: Intergalactic Instros [Diamond, 2000]
The Spacemen, "Swim Swim Swim (She and I)," various - Let's A Go-Go [Silver Tortoise, 2010]
The PC's Ltd, "Fast Man," various - Quantic Presents The World's Rarest Funk 45s [Jazzman, 2010]
J Dilla, "Lazer Gunne Funke," Jay Stay Paid [Nature Sounds, 2009]

Orthrelm, #1, spllit with Touchdown [Troubleman Unlimited, 2002]
Pauline Oliveros, "Procession," Ghostdance [Deep Listening, 1998]
Yves Montand, "Rue St. Vincent," various - Rushmore soundtrack [London/Inner-State, 1999]
Erik Satie (composer), Jean-Yves Thibaudet (performer), "La Belle Excentrique," The Magic of Satie [Decca, 2002]

Sidney Bechet and his Blue Note Jazz Men, "Blue Horizon," various - The Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz, Vol. 1 [Smithsonian, 1994]
Escola de Samba Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel, "Couro de Pirata," Batucada Brasiliera [Iris, 2003]
György Ligeti, "Musica ricercata No. 10," Ligeti: Edition Five Mechanical Music [Sony, 1997]
John Cage (composer), János Négyesy (performer), "Etude 28," Freeman Etudes [Newport Classics, 1995]
Fernando Ortero, "Lejana," Pagina de Buenos Aires [Nonesuch, 2008]

Elliott Carter, "String Quartet No. 5,"
Ludwig van Beethoven (composer), Paul Lewis (performer), "Sonata no. 7 in D major, op. 10, no. 3," Beethoven: Piano Sonatas, Vol. 4 [Harmonia Mundi, 2008]

Alban Berg (composer), Alban Berg Quartett (performers), "Lyric Suite: Andante amoroso," Music of the 20th Century
The Mothers of Invention, "Project X," Uncle Meat [Bizarre/Reprise, 1969]
Ennio Morricone, #1, For a Few Dollars More [1965]
Fennesz/Daniell/Buck, "Diamond Mind," Knoxville [Thrill Jockey, 2010]

Los Destellos, "Constelación," various - The Roots of Chicha 2 [Barbès, 2010]
Los Pachas, "El Hueleguiso"
The Petch Phin Thong Band, "Soul Lam Plearn," various - The Sound of Siam [Soundway, 2010]
Lil B, "God Kissed Me," Rain in England [Weird Forest, 2010]

Brandon Nickell, "Time Throne," And If You Set This Mind of Mine Afire Then on My Bloodstream I Yet Will Carry You [Isounderscore, 2010]
Joe Colley, Disasters of Self [CIP, 2010]
Plastikman, "Kriket," Richie Hawtin Presents Plastikman [Tsugi Sampler, 2010]

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