2010 Sep 13

ige*timer, "New Orleans," Ice Cold Pop [Everest, 2010]

Lucio Capece & Mika Vainio, "Ujeilus," Trahnie [Editions Mego, 2009]
Ilhan Mimaroglu, "Prelude No. 8 (to the memory of Edgard Varese)," various - Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center 1961-1973 [New World, 1998]
Barnabás Dukay, "...like the wind among the rocks," Over the face of the deep [Budapest Music Center, 2001]
Giuseppe Verdi (composer), Richard Bonynge (conductor), "Tenesta la promessa," La Traviata [Decca, 1981]

Paul Hindemith (composer), Gennady Rozhdestvensky (conductor) "iv. Lebhafte Viertel," "v. So schnell wie moglich," Violin & Viola Concertos
Morton Feldman (composer), John Tilbury (performer), "Intermission 5 (1952)," "Piano Piece 1955," "Piano Piece 1964," All Piano [LondonHALL, 1999]

"Honam Udo Kut," Samullori [Jigu, 1986]
Euripedes (composer), "Orestes: Stasimon Chorus," various - Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music vol 1. Ancient to Baroque [Norton ,1996]
Amps for Christ, "Eyes That Shine," Circuits [Vermiform, 1999]

"Temple ceremony (preparations for) at Tenganan," Trance Gamelan in Bali [Felmay, 2010]
"Gendhing Sekaten Rangkung," Gamelan of Central Java XIV. Ritual Sounds of Sekaten [Felmay, 2010]

Paul Metzger, "II," The Uses of Infinity [Locust, 2010]
Bukka White, "The Atlanta Special," Mississippi Blues [Water, 2010]

Pascal Marzan, "Sans titre," various - Free classical guitars [FF HHH, 2010]
Core of the Coalman, "Last Help," Box of the Last Help [Zum, 2010]

Leticia Castaneda, "Hypnotique," Museum for the Blind [self-released, 2010]
Dither, "Vectors," Dither [Henceforth, 2010]
Kemiailliset Ystavat, #1, Ullakkoralo [Fonal, 2010]

Sun Araw, "The Stakeout: Reprise," On Patrol [Not Not Fun, 2010]
Lil B, "Birth to Life," Rain in England [Weird Forest, 2010]
Neu!, "Hallo Gallo," various - Deutche Elektronische Musik [Soul Jazz, 2010]

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