2010 Aug 30

Ava Mendoza, "Kiss of Fire," Shadow Stories [Resipiscent, 2010]
John Edwards, "Meshes," Volume [Psi, 2008]
Phillip Greenlief, "Second Combined," Lines Combined [Evander Music, 2010]
Sébastien Biset, "Pagan love," various - Free classical guitars [FF HHH, 2010]
Salamander Wool, "Flame Afloat Pulpit," Lunarsophic Somnambulist [Ehse, 2010]

ige*timer, "New Orleans," Ice Cold Pop [Everest, 2010]

Squid Fist, "water.com," Face/Off [Hidden Birdhouse, 2007]
Werner Dafeldecker & Klaus Lang, "10001000," Lichtgeschwindigkeit [Grob, 2003]

Leticia Castaneda, "BeCeTone," Museum for the Blind [self-released, 2010]
Frank Bretschneider, #1-3, EXP [Raster-Noton, 2010]
Charanjit Singh, "Raga Kalavati," Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat [Bombay Connection, 2010]

Fennesz/Daniell/Buck, "Heat from Light," Knoxville [Thrill Jockey, 2010]
Core of the Coalman, "Inertia I," Box of the Last Help [Zum, 2010]
Loachfillet, "Somnambulist Synchronisms, Part 2," Electric Pond: Solar Solution [Resipiscent, 2009]
Conlon Nancarrow, "Study No. 40a," Studies for Player Piano [Other Minds, 2008]

breakthrough in grey room