2010 July 26

Loachfillet, "The Automated Bowl of Soup," Electric Pond: Solar Solution [Resipiscent, 2009]
Thomas Köner, "Andenes," Teimo/Permafrost [Barooni, 1991 / Mille Plateaux, 1997]

Giacinto Scelsi, "Sonate #4 (1942)," Tre Canti Populari + Due Componimenti Impetuosi [Sub Rosa, 2010]
@c, "76.3," Music for Empty Spaces [Baskaru, 2010]

Tony Oxley (The B.I.M.P. Quartet), "Line Out." Floating Phantoms [a/l/l, 2002]
Leticia Castaneda, "BeCeTone," Museum for the Blind [self-released, 2010]

Morton Feldman (composer), John Tilbury (performer), "Three Pieces for Piano (1954)," All Piano [LondonHALL, 1999]
Core of the Coalman, "Inertia II," Box of the Last Help [Zum, 2010]

Claudio Rochetti, "Arienti," The Carpenter [Boring Machines, 2010]
Luigi Archetti, #2, Null [Die Schachtel, 2010]

Yannis Kyriakides, "Telegraphic," Antichamber [Unsounds, 2009]
[background music] Max Brand, "Ilian 4 (1974)," various - Kabelbrand [Moozak, 2009]

Hans-Joachim Roedelius, "Besucher Im Traum," Offene Türen [Nepenthe, 2009]
Sam Spence, "Ringo," various - Cloud Cuckooland [Finders Keepers, 2010]
Charanjit Singh, "Raga Malkauns," Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat [Bombay Connection, ?]
Bharat Karki & Party, "Arabika," International Music [EM, 1978 / 2010]
Betty Chung, "Bang Bang," various - Let's A Go-Go! [Silver Tortoise, 2010]

Thee Oh Sees, "Mega-feast," Warm Slime [In the Red,
Koes Bersaudara, "Poor Clown," To the So Called The Guilties [Mesra / Sublime Frequencies, 2010]
Rudy Ventura, "Yamasuki," various - Absolute Belter [B-Music, 2010]
Apple & the Three Oranges, "Curse Upon the World," various - California Funk [Jazzman, 2010]
Banda Los Hijos de la Niña Luz, "Dejala Corre," various - Palenque Palenque [Sound Way, 2010]
Los Demonios Del Mantaro, "Liliana," various - Cumbia Beat vol. 1 [Vampi Soul, 2010]

Konono N. 1, "Makembe," Assume Crash Position [Crammed Discs, 2010]
Leci Brandão, "Saudação A Ossain," various - The Rough Guide to Samba [2000]
The Upsetters, "Put It On (instrumental)," Trojan Upsetter Box Set [Trojan, 2002]
The Beatles, "Flying (alternate mix)"
unknown, "Hope to Meet You," various - Electric Cambodia [Minky, 2010]

breakthrough in grey room