2010 June 7

Barn Owl, "Ancient of Days," The Conjurer [Root Strata, 2009]
Quiet American, "Circumlocution," Vox Americana [self-released, 1999]

Kyriakides Moor, "part 6," Folia [Unsounds, 2010]
Burkhard Beins, "Drift 1," Structural Drift [Künstlerhäuser Worpswede, 2009]

Hans-Joachim Roedelius, "Besucher Im Traum," Offene Türen [Nepenthe, 2009]
Dirac, Phon [Valeot, 2010]

Eleh, "Heleneleh," Location Momentum [Touch, 2010]
Karen Stackpole w/ Die Elektrischen, "Coefficient of Friction," Machine Shop [Dielectric, 2010]

Xasthur, "Portal of Sorrow," Portal of Sorrow [Disharmonic Variations, 2010]
Orthrelm, "Osamjj," Orthrelm [ugExplode, 2010]
Zs, "Acres of Skin," New Slaves [The Social Registry, 2010]
Sean, "Doom Diddy," Bike Messengers Aren't As Cool As They Think They Are [Blackhouse, 2007]

Child Abuse, "Hold This," Cut and Run [Lovepump, 2010]
Nekrasov, "Demand!," Nekrasov/Humiliation split [New Scream Industry, 2009]
Sudden Infant, "Slomono (Z'ev remix)," Psychotic Einzelkind [Blossoming Noise, 2008]
Gordon Mumma, "Music from Venezia Space Theater (1964)," Studio Retrospect [Lovely Music, 2000]

live interview with Bay Area Sound Ecology
Jeremiah Moore, "Cycles" [2010]

Kali, "Morning Nature," various - Ethnic Minority Music of Northwest Xinjiang, China [Sublime Frequencies, 2010]
Aníbal Velásquez, "Qué Pasó," Mambo Loco [Analog Africa, 2010]

breakthrough in grey room