2009 Oct 5

Gord's Horde, "I Don't Care" [Hodag, 1966]
The Gnoua Brotherhood of Marrakesh, "LHedera," Moroccan Trance Music II: Sufi (with the Master Musicians of Joujouka) [Sub Rosa, 2005]
unknown artist, unknown title, various - Choubi Choubi [Sublime Frequencies, 2005]
The Small Faces, "My Mind's Eye (1966)," various - Nuggets II vol. 1 [Rhino, 2001]
Captain Beefheart, "Odd Jobs," Bat Chain Puller [unreleased, 1976]

Booker T. & the M.G.s, "Green Onions," Green Onions [Stax, 1962]
Muddy Waters, "I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man," His Best, 1947-1955 [Chess/Universal, 1997]
Chuck Berry, "Come On (1961)"
The Beatles, "I Want to Tell You," Revolver [Capitol, 1966]
Sudden Infant, "Head vs Wall," Psychotic Einzelkind [Blossoming Noise, 2008]

Seamus Ennis, "Hogan's Favorite/the Connaughtman's Ramble/The Lark in the Morning," The Bonny Bunch of Roses [Tradition, 1959]
Giancinto Scelsi (composer), Christoph Schiller (viola), "Coelocanth, for viola (1955) i-iii," Chamber Music for Strings (Solo, Duo, & Trio) [Accord, 1989]

Iannis Xenakis, "Pithoprakta," Metastasis-Pithoprakta-Eonta [Le Chant du Monde, 2001]
John Cage, "Variations III," various - The New York School 3 [HatHut, 1995]

John Cage, "Song, Derived from the Journal of Henry David Thoreau (1976)," UbuWeb
John Butcher Group, #2, somethingtobesaid [Weight of Wax, 2009]
Harry Partch (composer), John Garvey (conductor), "Bewitched - Scene 4: A Soul Tormented by Contemporary Music Finds a Humanizing Alchemy," The Harry Partch Collection, Vol. 4: The Bewitched [New World, 2005]

Ulher/Shibolet/Snir/Brenner/Mayer/Smith/Bymel, #6, Yclept [Balance Point Acoustics, 2009]
Bent Spoon Trio, "More," More Experienced Filthier [Bug Incision, 2009]

Spunk, "Mosegrodd," Kantarell [Rune Grammofon, 2009]
Loachfillet, #9, Electric Pond [Resipiscent, 2009]

Vulcanus 68, "1," 2 [Gigante Sound, 2009]
Nilsson/Sandell/Strid, "Mass Movement," Beam Stone [Psi, 2009]
Ritualistic School of Errors, #7-9, Sweat Stained Fancy Heaps for First-Rate Ladies [Resipiscent, 2009]

Karlheinz Stockhausen, "Struktur VII," Elektronische Musik 1952-1960 [Stockhausen-Verlag, 1991]
Paul Hindemith (composer), Claudio Abbado (conductor), "Kammermusik Nr. 2, Op.36, Nr.1 - 1. Sehr Lebhafte Achtel," Hindemith: Kammermusik No. 2, 3, 6, & 7 [EMI, 2002]
Béla Bartók (composer), Fritz Reiner (conductor), "Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta: Allegro," Bartók: Concerto for Orchestra; Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta [RCA, 1993]

breakthrough in grey room