2009 July 20

The Kingstonians, "Sufferer," various - The Trojan Story [Trojan, 1997]
Lajko Felix, #6, Lajko Felix es bandaja jatszik [2001]
Evan Parker, "Aerobatics 14," Saxophone Solos [Chronoscope, 1994]

Captain Beefheart, "Bat Chain Puller," I'm Going to Do What I Wanna Do: Live at My Father's Place [1978]
Volcano the Bear, "The First Circle Is the Eye," Volcano the Bear/La Stpo - The Shy Volcanic Society at the Bear & Bird Parade [Beta-Lactam Ring, 2009]
Es, "Kesa oh huonommin," Kesamaan Iapset [Fonal, 2009]

Strotter Inst., #7, Minenhund [Hinterzimmer/Public Guilt, 2009]
Wolf Eyes, "Always Wrong," Always Wrong [Hospital Productions, 2009]
Makigami Koichi & Anton Bruhin, "Sea to River," Electric Eel [Tzadik, 1998]
Can't, "Poison Cloud," Prepares to Fail Again [IRFP, 2002]
The Four Keynotes, "My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time"

Bernard Parmegiani, "Le Roue Ferris," Chronos [Philips/Prospective 21e Siècle]
ø, "Unien holvit," & "Vastus," Oleva [Sahko, 2008]

Phong Nguyen, "Sa Mac (melancholy)," Vietnamese Instrumental Music [1983 / http://www.asianclassicalmp3.org]
Dan Burke & Thomas Dimuzio, "Deregulation," Upcoming Events [No Fun, 2008]

ReBirth Brass Band, "New Orleans Music," Hot Venom [Mardis Gras, 2001]
The Flying Luttenbachers, "Kkring Number One," Spectral Warrior Mythos Volume One [ugExplode, 2005]
Loachfillet, "Endoparasites," Cut Throat Rogues [Fish Pies, 2006]

Lee Perry, "Kentucky Skank," various - Trojan Upsetter Box Set [Trojan, 2002]
Core of the Coalman, "Occurance of a Reboring Outcrop at the Bed Level," Anxiety [Resipiscent, 2007]
Peter Evans, "Nature/Culture: a," Nature/Culture [Psi, 2009]
Head Boggle Domo (in Auralsize), "midi dr genre in," Rchive #1 [Greedmink, 2006]

Miles Davis, "Mr. Freedom X," On the Corner [Columbia, 1972 / 1993]
John Wiese, "Recorded at Okie St in Providence RI, 02/07/05," Black Magic Pond [Blossoming Noise, 2006]
Noto, "Impulse," various - Optics Calculated in Seconds [Raster-Noton, 2001]

Augusti Fernandez, "Quarto," Un llamp que no s'acaba mai [Psi, 2009]

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