2009 May 25

Zs, "Olympics," EP [Troubleman Unlimited, 2003]
Felipe & Forte, "Crispy Crude," Shaggy Black [Soft Abuse, 2005]
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, "Igor's Boogie Phase One," Burnt Weeny Sandwich [Bizarre/Reprise, 1970]
Deerhoof, "Rainbow Silhouette of the Milky Rain," Milk Man [Kill Rock Stars/5RC, 2004]
Toot (Minton, Doerner, & Lehn), #4, One [Sofa, 2005]

Tony Dryer, #1, Small: Five Studies for Solo Contrabass [Occidentalize(d), 2007]
Oum Kalhoum, "Amana Ayouh Al Qamar (1928)," Tichouf Oumori
Caroliner, "I Am Empty, Empty Eyes Switch," Wine Can't Do It, Wife Won't Do! [self-released, 2003]
Bron Y Aur, "Drum Insert," Between 13 & 16 [Wallace, 2001]

Burnett & Rutherford, "Willie Moore," various – Anthology of American Folk Music [Folkways, 1952 / Smithsonian Folkways, 1997]
Seamus Ennis, "The First House In Connaught/The Copper Plate Reel," The Bonny Bunch of Roses [Tradition, 1959]
0th, "Crazyhorse," Tammy [Resipiscent, 2008]

The Maytals, "54-46 That's My Number," various - Trojan Jamaican Hits Box Set [Trojan, 2000]
Sister Rosetta Tharpe, "I Have Good News to Bring," I Got Two Wings [Case Quarter, 2008]
Young Marble Giants, "Wind in the Rigging," Colossal Youth [Rough Trade, 1980]
Scott Arford, "Rise," Zombie Dub [Resipiscent, 2008]

Tim Hecker, "Where Shadows Make Shadows," An Imaginary Country [Kranky, 2009]
Svarte Greiner, "Tunnel of Love," Kappe [Type, 2009]

Bernard Parmegiani, "Signes de vie. Expression 2," La Creation du Monde [INA-GRM, 1996]
Master Saphi Band, Varanasi, "Chechiri Waltz," various - Frozen Brass - Asia: Anthology of Brass Band Music #1 [Pan, 1994]
Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Quintet, "Serene (Eric Dolphy)," Live in Lisbon [Clean Feed, 2006]

"Istampito Palamento," various - Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music Volume One: Ancient to Baroque [Norton, 1996]
Helmut Lachenmann, "Mouvement (- vor der Enstrarrung) 1983/4," Schwankugen am Rand [ECM, 2002]

Babby Dodds, "Spooky Drums No. 1," Talking and Drum Solos [Atavistic, 2003]
Ornette Coleman, "Air Ship," Of Human Feelings [Antilles, 1982]
Ole Jørgen Bardal, Anselm Caminada, & Børre Mølstad, #1-?, self-titled [No!Music!, 2008]
Conlon Nancarrow, "42," Studies for Player Piano: Vol. 5 [Wergo. 1990]

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