2009 March 23

Porest, "How Things Work," various - Femme Toupee, issue 1 [2006]
Tits 2, "Hurricane," various - Femme Toupee, issue 1 [2006]
Father Murphy, "I Ran Out of Fuel and a Viper Just Bit Me," & "So Now You Have to Choose Between My Two (Black) Lungs," ...and He told us to turn to the Sun [Boring Machines, 2008]
Young Marble Giants, "Choci Loni," Colossal Youth [Rough Trade, 1980]
Peter B, "Sin Satin S'Sudio: Davie C. Jam," & "Sin Satin S'Sudio: Non-Action #VII," Luteus [Resipiscent, 2007]

The Moontrekkers, "Night of the Vampire," various - The Joe Meek Collection: Intergalactic Instros [Diamond, 1996]
The Bobbettes, "Are You Satisfied," Best of the Bobbettes [Crash, 1997]
Otis Redding, "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," The Ultimate Otis Redding [Warner, 1986]
The Rolling Stones, "That's How Strong My Love Is," Out of Our Heads [Decca, 1965]
Amps for Christ, "Bouzuki Mountain," & "The Grey Funnel Line," Circuits [Vermiform, 1999]

George Williams Aingo, "Akuko Nu Bonto," various - Living Is Hard: West African Music in Britain, 1927-1929 [Honest Jons, 2008]
Caetano Veloso, "Tropicalia," various - Tropicalia Essentials [Hip-O, 1999]
Pierre Bastien, "Bubblin'," Visions of Doing [Western Vinyl, 2008]
Throbbing Gristle, "Hot on the Heels of Love," & "20 Jazz Funk Greats," Greatest Hits [Rough Trade, 1980]

Alireza Mashayekhi, "Panoptikum 70, Op. 27," various - Persian Electronic Music [Sub Rosa, 2007]
Manning/Novak, #6, Pairings [Dragon's Eye, 2007]

Conqueror, "Hammer of Antichrist," Hammer of Antichrist:History of Annihilation [Fifth Division, 2003]
Revenge, "Atrocity March," Victory.Intolerance.Mastery [Osmose, 2004]
Emperor, "I Am the Black Wizard," In the Nightside Eclipse [Candlelight, 1994]
Graveland, "Unpunished Herd/Into the War (outro)," Carpathian Wolves [Eternal Devils, 1994]

Alessandro Bosetti & Michel Doneda, "La partie en cours," Breath on the Floor [2005]
Caroliner Rainbow Susans and Bruisins, "Fixing and Mixing Cracked Skulls," The Cooking Stove Beast [BullsHit, 1992]
Roscoe Holcomb, "Boat's Up the River," The High Lonesome Sound [Smithsonian Folkways, 1998]

Christian Weber, "Frogmouth," 3 Suits & a Violin [Hatology, 2006]
Zerfu Demissie, "Sek'let," Akotet [Terp, 2008]
Master Musicians of Jajouka, "Hlallia," Live Volume 1 [Jajouka, 2008]

Andrew McGraw, "Powerhouse," Kolaborasi [Porter, 2008]
Ibimeni, "Tari Edna Golu (Edna's Gold Tooth)," Garifuna Traditional Music of Guatemala [Sub Rosa, 2008]
Uncle Woody Sullender, "Where the Flowers on the River's Green Margin May Blow," Live at Barkenhoff [Kunstlerhauser Worpswede, 2008]

Hans Grusels Krankenkabinet, "Helilude," & "Dark Waldung," Blaue Blooded Turen [Resipiscent, 2008]
Matt Weston, "Millions of Yeah," Not to Be Taken Away [7272Music, 2008]
Tim Hecker, "Borderlands," An Imaginary Country [Kranky, 2009]

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