2009 March 9

Veryan Weston, "Prelude and Fug," Allusions [Emanem, 2009]
Sote, #10, Dastgaah [Dielectric/Record Label, 2006]
[background music] Veryan Weston, "Hints of Habits," Allusions [Emanem, 2009]

Bent Spoon Duo, Harvesting the Wave [Bug Incision, 2008]
Core of the Coalman, "Dreamland is Dreamlonely for Abominable Snow People," various - Femme Toupee [2006]

SQ, #5, Long Wires [Carbon, ~2001]

Byznich, #13, Byznich [Tangram7s, 2007]
Crawling With Tarts, "Motors V.3e," various - (y)earbook, volume 3 [Rastascan, 1992]
Pigs in the Ground, "The Coupling/Serum Feast," Serum Feast [Fish Pies/BOC, 2006]

16 Bitch Pile-up, "Invisible Adversaries," ADAD [self-released, 2006]
Khlyst, "III-V," Chaos Is My Name [Hydra Head, 2006]
Wolfmangler, "John Lankin," Wolfmangler/Wolfskull [23 Productions, 2005]

Nondor Nevai, "Marchno.1 (Th'Whyte Widower)," DMT Rok [Savage Land, 2007]
Krallice, "Energy Chasms," Krallice [Profound Lore, 2008]

Father Murphy, "Never Forget You Have a Choice," & "Hide Yourself in the Woods," ...and He told us to turn to the Sun [Boring Machines, 2008]
Elm, "Mist Left to Hide the Ashes," Woven Into Light [Blackest Rainbow, 2009]
Master Musicians of Jajouka, "Double Medahey," Live Volume 1 [Jajouka, 2008]

Ibimeni, " I'll Quit Liquor," Garifuna Traditional Music of Guatemala [Sub Rosa, 2008]
Rev. Utah Smith, "Two Wings," I Got Two Wings [CaseQuarter, 2008]
High Castle, "Solomon," High Castle [self-released, 2008]

Matt Weston, "That's What I Want," Not to Be Taken Away [7272Music, 2008]
Wicked Witch, "Fancy Dancer (1985)," Chaos 1978-86 [EM, 2009]
The Meters, "Hey Pocky A-Way," Rejuvenation [Reprise, 1974]

breakthrough in grey room