2009 February 23

Father Murphy, "I Ran Out of Fuel and a Viper Just Bit Me," & "So Now You Have to Choose Between My Two (Black) Lungs," ...and He told us to turn to the Sun [Boring Machines, 2008]
Milo Fine, "Ananke Trio, part 3," Ananke [Emanem, 2009]
Chen Santa Maria, "Slugless," & "You're Sunk," Chen Santa Maria [GSSD/Shiton, 2008]

Lee, Evans, & Beresford, "Egokrlo-nar," Check for Monsters [Emanem, 2009]
Cecil Taylor, "Steps," Unit Structures [Blue Note, 1966]

Berthiaume & Brzytwa, "Donkey," Bebe Donkey [Ambiances Magnetiques, 2007]
Alireza Mashayekhi, "East-West, Op.45," various - Persian Electronic Music [Sub Rosa, 2007]

Jay Crocker & Chris Dadge, "Rustling," Humming & Crackling [Bug Incision, 2006]
The White Tiger Prepade, "Unicorn Asteroid," Great End [Movemountains, 2006]
Curtains, "Park Work," Flybys [Thin Wrist, 2003]
Young Marble Giants, "Cakewalking," Colossal Youth [Rough Trade, 1980]
Matmos, "Last Delicious Cigarette," The West [Autofact/Vague Terrain, 1998/2008]

Deerhoof, "Family of Others," Offend Maggie [Kill Rock Stars, 2008]
Kate Bush, "There Goes a Tenner," The Dreaming [EMI, 1982]
Carlos Giffoni, "The Endless Mirror," Adult Life [No Fun, 2008]

Hans Grusels' Krankenkabinet, "Soundtrack to Dallas Bower's Alice in Wonderland," Blaue Blooded Turen [Resipiscent, 2008]
Throbbing Gristle, "Subhuman," Greatest Hits [Rough Trade, 1980]
Hair Police, "Freezing Alone," Certainty of Swarms [No Fun, 2008]

Matt Weston, "Something Sensational in Every Issue," Not to Be Taken Away [7272music, 2008]
Karlheinz Stockhausen (Bruno Maderna conducting the Rome Symphony Orchetra with Frederick Rzewski), "Kontra-Punkte (1952)," The New Music: Bruno Maderna conducts Stockhausen, Pousseur, Pendercki, Brown [RCA, 1967]
Hartsaw, Aspelin, Smith, & Bryerton, "Sand," Ausfegen [Balance Point Acoustics, 2007]

Grosse Abfahrt, "negativity paradox achieved in humour realm," Everything that Disappears [Emanem, 2008]
Ibimeni, "Chuluya Nunsu," Garifuna Traditional Music of Guatemala [Sub Rosa, 2008]
John Edwards, "Battery," Volume [Psi, 2008]

Phroq, "Psychotest, Last Attempt," Collapse [Ground Fault, 2005]
The Gnoua Brotherhood of Marrakesh, "Djemma El Fna," Moroccan Trance II: Sufi [Sub Rosa, 1996 / 2005]

breakthrough in grey room