2009 January 12

Kavet men & Brao singer, #2, various - Ethnic Minority Music of Northeast Cambodia [Sublime Frequencies, 2006]
Jay Crocker & Chris Dadge, "Rustling," Humming & Crackling [Bug Incision, 2006]
AMM, "Neither No Axe Would Shorten It's Existence," The Crypt: 12th June 1968 [Matchless, 1992]

Chen Santa Maria, "Condominimum," Chen Santa Maria [GSSD/Shiton, 2008]
Andrew Liles & Daniel Menche, "Eggs," The Progeny of Flies [Beta-lactam Ring, 2008]
Sujo, "Helenise," Blood Saints [Inam, 2008]

John Edwards, "Meshes," Volume [Psi, 2008]
John Wiese, "Recorded at The Tower in Cleveland, OH, 02/10/05," Black Magic Pond [Blossoming Noise, 2006]
Immortal, "Through the Halls of Eternity," Battles in the North [Osmose, 1995]
Otis Redding, "These Arms of Mine" [1962]
Core of the Coalman, "Inedible End," Snow Lights [Insect, 2005]
Curtis Mayfield, "Underground (demo)," Roots [Curtom, 1971 / Rhino, 1999]
Etran Finatawa, "Naanaaye," Desert Crossroads [Riverboat, 2008]

Aurora Josephson & Joelle Leandre, "Un Soeur de Charite," Cruxes [Balance Point Acoustics, 2005]
Phil Minton, "No Doughnuts in Hand 7-13," No Doughnuts in Hand [Emanem, 2008]
Richard Pinhas & Merzbow, "Fuck the Power (and Fuck Global Players)," Keio Line [Cuneiform, 2008]

Harry Pussy, "Dream Driver," What Was Music? [Siltbreeze, 1996]
Ben Simmons, "[blank]," Living Is Hard: West African Music in Britain, 1927-1929 [Honest Jons, 2008]
Muddy Waters, "Still a Fool" [1951]
Makigami Koichi & Anton Bruhin, "Electric Eel," Electric Eel [Tzadik, 1998]
The Bubbling Over Five, "Don't Mistreat Your Good Boyfriend," various - American Primitive Vol. 2: Pre-War Revenants (1897-1939) [Revenant, 2005]

Christian Weber, Walcheturm Solo [Cut, 2008]
Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet, "Aufzaehlungzeiche," & "Fantares," Blaue Blooded Turen [Resipiscent, 2008]

Stephan Bodzin, "Station 72," Bremen Ost/Station 72 [Herzblut, 2008]
Dan Burke & Thomas Dimuzio, "Closed Circuit," Upcoming Events [No Fun/Gench, 2008]
Cortet, "CH," HHHH [Unsounds, 2005]

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