2008 December 1

David Kendall, "Wrinkle," Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse [Alienation, 2006]
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, "Ooo Baby Baby (1965)," The Ultimate Collection
Lasse Marhaug, "Magmadiver," The Shape of Rock to Come [Smalltown Supersound, 2004]
Kihlstedt, Robair & Sperry, "Sonarchy Two," Sonarchy Trio 1998 [Majmua, 2008]

COH, "Prayer for Russell," Love Uncut [Eskaton, 2001]

Omit, "Ridged OutPut," Interceptor [Helen Scarsdale Agency, 2008]
Dan Burke & Thomas Dimuzio, "Closed Circuit," "Upcoming Events," & "Infecticidal," Upcoming Events [No Fun/Gench, 2008]

Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker, "Hymn to the Idea of Night," Fantasma Parastasie [Alien8, 2008]
Graveland, "The Dawn of Samhain," June Promo (1992) [self-released, 1992]
The Gnoua Brotherhood of Marrakesh, "Hamasha Hamdushi," Moroccan Trance II: Sufi [Sub Rosa, 2005]
Amps for Christ, "Cruel Sister," Circuits [Vermiform, 1999]
Roscoe Holcomb, "Darlin Corey," The High Lonesome Sound [Smithsonian Folkways, 1998]

Christian Weber, "Lone Star," 3 Suits & a Violin [Hatology, 2007]
Tony Dryer, #3, Small: Five Studies for Solo Contrabass [Occidentalize(d), 2007]
Hartsaw, Aspelin, Smith & Bryerton, "Vitrine," Ausfegen [Balance Point Acoustics, 2007]

Phil Minton Quartet, "Far Off," Slur [Emanem, 2007]
COH + Cosey Fanni Tutti, "Lost," COH Plays Cosey [Raster-Noton, 2008]
Spacemen 3, "That's Just Fine," The Perfect Prescription [Glass, 1987]

Swans, "Like a Drug," Children of God [Caroline, 1987]
Nerve Net Noise, "Amber," Radio Life [Staalplaat, 2003]
Jen Baker, "Floor Fuzzy," Blue Dreams [Dilapidated Barns, 2008]
Manning/Novak, "Pairing 1 pt. 1," Pairings [Dragon's Eye, 2007]

Henry Grimes & Rashied Ali, "This Must Have Always Happened," Going to the Ritual [Porter, 2008]
Drukpa Order, "Processional Music for Shawms and Percussion," Tibetan Buddhist Rites From Monasteries Of Bhutan Vol. 1: Rituals Of The Drukpa Order [Lyrichord, 1994]

Lee "Scratch" Perry, "Shine," Repentance [Narnack, 2008]
0th, "War," Tammy [Resipiscent, 2008]
Chrome, "Armageddon," 3rd from the Sun [Siren, 1982]

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