2008 October 20

Joseph Hammer, "Dynasty Suites 1," Dynasty Suites [2003]
Sun Ra & His Arkestra, "Black Magic," Some Blues But Not The Kind Thats Blue [Saturn, 1977/Atavistic, 2007]
[background music] Sun Ra & His Arkestra, "My Favorite Things," Some Blues But Not The Kind Thats Blue [Atavistic, 2007]

Miles Davis, "Thinkin' One Thing and Doin' Another," On the Corner
Karlheinz Stockhausen, "Kontakte, Struktur XII A-F," Stockhausen 3: Electronic Music 1952-1960
Core of the Coalman, "Twinkle, Porphyroid Dowager," Anxiety [Resipiscent, 2007]

Aemae, "PDE," Maw [Isounderscore, 2007]
Seamus Ennis, "Marrow Bones," The Bonny Bunch of Roses [1959]
Klarenz Barlow, "Documissa 87 I-III"
Lindsay, Mendoza, Smith & Walter, "Blown Out," Jus [Balance Point Acoustics, 2008]

Spires that in the Sunset Rise, "Black Earth," Curse the Traced Bird [Secret Eye, 2008]
Vijay Raghav Rao, "Meditational Raga of Northern India," Flute & Sitar Music of India
Tony Dryer, #5, Small: Five Studies for Solo Contrabass [Occidentalize(d), 2007]
Iancu Dumitrescu, "Apogeum (1972)," Medium III

Kihlstedt, Robair & Sperry, "Sonarchy One," Sonarchy Trio 1998 [Majmua, 2008]
"Cris D'un Mˇdium Malmenˇ Par Sa Divinitˇ," "Reprise Du Th¸me Masikoro," & "Percussions," Madagascar, Possession et Poesie [Ocora, 1993]

Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane, "Blue Monk," Live at Carnegie Hall 29.11.1957
unknown, unknown, various - Choubi Choubi: Folk and Pop Sounds from Iraq [Sublime Frequencies, 2005]

Ata Ebtakar aka Sote, "Micro Tuning," Persian Electronic Music [2007]
Corrupted, side A, Paso Inferior [Frigidity Discos, 2008]
Scott Arford, "Zombie Theme," Zombie Dub [Resipiscent, 2007]

Otis Redding, "Try a Little Tenderness"
The Gospel Comforters, "Jesus Will Help Me," various - Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal
Olivier Messiaen, "Chronochromie, Epode," Messiaen: Chronochromie, etc.

Gyorgy Ligeti, "Msica ricercata, No. 1," Ligeti: Edition Five: Mechanical Music
Roscoe Holcomb, "Walk Around My Bedside," The High Lonesome Sound
Son House, "Am I Right or Wrong (1942)," Delta Blues
Derrick Morgan & Patsy Todd, "Housewives Choice," various - Trojan Jamaican Hits
Ennio Morricone, #6, For a Few Dollars More
Deerhoof, "The Forbidden Fruits," Apple O [2003]
The Kingstonians, "Suferer," Sufferer [1970]

breakthrough in grey room