2008 October 6

Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet, "Sturm und Drang (at sea)," Blaue Blooded Turen [Resipiscent, 2008]

John Bischoff, "The Web of Fascination," The Glass Hand [Artifact, 1996]
Bonnie Mercer, "9th March 2008," various - Spleencoffin presents: Ladyz in Noyz [Spleencoffin, 2008]

Barn Owl, "The Last Parade," From Our Mouths a Perpetual Light [Not Not Fun, 2008]
Buttercup Metal Polish, "Caudeval By Night," 50 Ballets [Creative Sources, 2005]
[background music] Barn Owl, "Mouths of Light," From Our Mouths a Perpetual Light [Not Not Fun, 2008]

Oren Ambarchi, "Highway of Diamonds," Destinationless Desire [Touch, 2008]
Fennesz, "On a Desolate Shore," Transition [Touch, 2007]

Muller/Kahn/Wolfarth, "Drumming 4," Drumming [Creative Sources, 2005]
Luigi Nono, #1, Complete Works for Solo Tape [Stradivarius, 2007]
Bran (...) Pos, "Am-Mit's Odds," Coin-p Khepri [CIP, 2008]
0th, "VocalbeautyMG," Tammy [Resipiscent, 2008]

Art Zoyd, "Khufu's Serpent IV (Horatiu Radulescu)," Experiences De Vol [Sub Rosa, 2002]

Mercyful Fate, "Desecration of Souls," Don't Break the Oath [Roadrunner/Combat, 1984]
Skozey Fetisch, "Exploitable Rift," This, Then [Resipiscent, 2008]
Graveland, "The Eyes of Balor," Epilogue [Witching Hour, 1993]
Immortal, "Frozen By Icewinds," Pure Holocaust [Osmose, 1993]
Gorgoroth, "The Ritual of Infernal Invocation," Under the Sign of Hell [Malicious, 1997]

Scott Arford, "Snowball," Zombie Dub [Resipiscent, 2007]

Glinkowski, Slaton & Sparacino, "From Scratch," Trio Slicnaton [self-released, 2008]
Lambs Gamble, "Source of Modern Alienation," Memory Collapse [Evolving Ear, 2006]
Jon Raskin, "Kandinsky," Quartet [Rastascan, 2007]
Kihlstedt/Robair/Sperry, "After Sonarchy," Sonarchy 1998 [Majmua, 2008]
[background music] Moe! Staiano, "A Typical Moment in Atypicallity," The Absolute Tradition of No Traditions [PsychForm, 2007]

Bil King, "The Reverend's Retort," various - Y()Earbook vol 1 [Rastascan, 1992]
Kiku Day & Henry Kaiser, "Gamera's Dog," Zen Kaiju [Balance Point Acoustics, 2007]
Claudio Parodi, "Part One," A Ritual Which Is Incomprehensible (to the smile of Pauline Oliveros) [Extreme, 2008]
"T'aep'yongso & Samulnori," Traditional Korean Music [Buda, 2004]

The Meters, "It Ain't No Use," Rejuvenation [Reprise, 1974]
Rodger Stella & Sharkiface, Zero Crag [Aural Secretions, 2008]
Sightings, "Debt Depths," Through the Panama [Load, 2008]

breakthrough in grey room