2008 August 25

Phil Minton, #1-11, No Doughnuts in Hand [Emanem, 2008]
Forch, "Pressure," Spin Networks [Psi, 2007]
Asmus Tietchens & Richard Chartier, #7 & #11, Pre-Fabrication [2007]

Elliott Sharp & Reinhold Friedl, "duc," Feuchtify [Emanem, 2006]
Ø, "Unien Holvit," & "S-Bahn," Oleva [Sähkö, 2008]
Rhythm & Noise, "Slug Path," Chasm's Accord [Asphodel, 1996]

Alva Noto, "U_04," Unitxt [2008]
Pan/Tone, "Dirty Deeds (revised mix)," Chubby Chaser EP [2008]
Amber Kai Morgan & Garrett Kelly, "Third Course: Hobbies," & "Fourth Course: Religion," Analog America [Noise Order, 2008]
John Butcher, "A Short Time to Sing," & "But More So," The Geometry of Sentiment [Emanem, 2007]

KK Null, Chris Watson & Z'ev, "Introduction - Man," Number One [2006]
Coil, "Windowpane," Love's Secret Domain [1991]
BJ Nilsen & Stillippsteypa, "Scandinavian Tourist," Passing Out [Helen Scarsdale Agency, 2008]
Scott Arford, "Rise," Zombie Dub [Resipiscent, 2007]

Gowns, "Paper (live)," Tour EP
Leviathan, "Merging with Sword, Onto Them," Massive Conspiracy Against All Life [Moribund, 2008]
Gunther Muller, Jason Kahn & Christian Wolfarth, "Drumming 6," Drumming [2005]
Bran Pos, "1-Armed Yank with Sekhem Em," & "Pylon 21," Coin-Op Khepri [CIP, 2008]

Werner Dafeldecker & Klaus Lang, "1000111," Lichtgeschwindigkeit [Grob, 2003]
Faust/Nurse With Wound, "Lass Mich," Disconnected [Art-Errorist, 2007]
Kluster, "Kluster 2," 1970-1971 [Water, 2008]
Claudio Parodi, "Part Three and Code," A Ritual Which Is Incomprehensible (to the smile of Pauline Oliveros) [Extreme, 2008]
PITA, "Bubwraout," various - blueCubism [2000]

Douglas Papafio, "Sakyi," various - Living Is Hard: West African Music In Britain 1927-1929 [Honest Jons, 2008]
Etram Finatawa, "Saghmar N Nanna," Desert Crossroads [Riverboat/World Music Network, 2008]
Great Room, "B1," various - Ladyz in Noyz [2008]
Chapinlandia, "Tristezas Quetzaltecas," Marimba Music of Guatemala [Smithsonian Folkways, 2007]
Seamus Ennis, "The Farmer's Cursed Wife," The Bonny Bunch of Roses [1959]
Bo Dollis & the Wild Magnolia, "Handa Wanda," various - New Orleans Funk [2001]
John Bischoff, "The Industrial Revolution," various - (Y)Earbook volume 1 [Rastascan, 1991]
"Puya," Ayombe! The Heart of Colombia's Musica Vallenata [Smithsonian Folkways, 2008]
Gilberto Gil & Caetano Veloso

Meade "Lux" Lewis, "Medium Blues," various - Classic Piano Blues [Smithsonian Folkways, 2008]
Deerhoof, "Rrrrrright," The Runners Four [Kill Rock Stars, 2005]
Mute Socialite, "Killing Time," More Popular Than Presidents and Generals [Dephine Knormal, 2008]
Duke Kaleo Iani Ching, "Pua Mae-ole," Hawaiian Steel vol. 5 [Keala, 2008]

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