2008 July 14

Gruppo d'Improvvisazione 'Nuova Consonanza', "Scratch," self-titled [Cinevox, 1975 / Cherry Red, 2007]
Group Inerane, "Kuni Majagani," Guitars from Agadez [Sublime Frequencies, 2007]
Frank Zappa, "Brown Shoes Don't Make It," Absolutely Free [1967]
Sonny Rollins, "Autumn Nocturne (1978)," Milestone Profiles [Milestone, 2006]

Captain Beefheart, "Bat Chain Puller," Bat Chain Puller
The Paris Sisters, "Sincerely"
Joakim Skogsberg, "Jola fraan Ingbo," Jola Rota [Tiliqua, 2008]

Phil Minton, #23-?, No Doughnuts in Hand [Emanem, 2008]
Colin Olan, "Rec01 (Excerpt)," various - Handmade Electronic Music
Gunter Muller & Steinbruchel, "Geneva Part I - M," Perspectives [2005]

African Head Charge, "Depth Charge," Drastic Season [1983]
R/S, "20'27"," One (Snow Mud Rain) [2007]

Toumani Diabate, "Ali Farka Toure," The Mande Variations [Nonesuch, 2008]
Augusti Fernandez, Evan Parker, Barry Guy & Paul Lytton, "Open Systems," Topos [2006]
John Lee Hooker, "Sugar Mama," His Best Chess Sides [1997]
The Flying Luttenbachers, "Trauma 2," Trauma [ugExplode, 2001/2008]

Orange, "Subway Over the Rainbow," In the Midst of Chaos [De Stijl, 2008]
Matt Ostrowski, "Musical Islands," The Tears of Things [Dolor del Estamago]

Core of the Coalman, "Alternate Moon Ganymede," AsoltMusket [BOC Sound Laboratories, 2008]
Slujun, "Blujun003," Blujun [Angel's Blood]
The God Sons, "Merry Up," various - Trojan Jamaican Hits
Lee Perry, "Tackoo," Chicken Scratch
Peter Evans, "Air," More Is More [Psi, 2006]

BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa, Passing Out [Helen Scarsdale Agency, 2008]

Emperor, "Cosmic Keys to my Creation and Times," In the Nightside Eclipse [1994]
Immortal, "Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark)," Battles in the North [1995]
Jack Wright, #1, As Is
Gorgoroth, "Revelation of Doom," Under the Sign of Hell [1997]
Grace Jones, "Do or Die," Island Life [Island, 1985]

breakthrough in grey room