2008 June 30

part 1 (mp3), part 2 (mp3)

Birgit Uhler & Gino Robair, "Capacitance Blubber," Sputter [Creative Sources, 2005]
Sun Ra, "Discipline 33," Space Is the Place Original Soundtrack
"Dzihee, Chant Humoristique Vezo, Duo Pour Voix De Femme Et D'homme," various - Madagascar
Mohammed "Jimmy" Mohammed, "Aykedashem Lebe," Takkabel! [2006]

Gy├Ârgy Ligeti, "Nouvelles Aventures II," Ligeti Project V [2004]
Andy Moor, Thomas Lehn & John Butcher, "Gongs Not Bombs," Thermal[Unsounds, 2003]
Greg Davis & Steven Hess, #1, Decisions [2005]
Barn Owl, "Voice of the Other," From Our Mouths A Perpetual Light [Not Not Fun, 2008]
Kraftwerk, "Ohm Sweet Ohm," Radioactivity [1975]

Slayer, "Raining Blood," Reign in Blood [Def Jam, 1986]
Mercyful Fate, "Night of the Unborn," Don't Break the Oath [1997]
Conqueror, "Domitor Invictus," Hammer of Antichrist
Keiji Haino, Execration that Accept to Acknowledge [Forced Exposure/Nervous, 1993]

John Lee Hooker, "Louise," His Best Chess Sides [Chess/MCA, 1997]
Giacinto Scelsi, "Le Reveil Profond Pour Contrabass Solo (Nuits II)," Suono Rotundo [2005]
Ozmadawn, "The Breath of Orion," Rise of the Moth [Chambara, 2008]
Keith Rowe, Sachiko M, Toshimaru Nakamura & Otomo Yoshihide, #7, ErstLive 005 [Erstwhile, 2005]

Core of the Coalman, "Masts," Anxiety [Resipiscent, 2007]
Mary Halvorson & Weasel Walter, "Rare Vodka from the Fourteenth Century," Opulence [ugExplode, 2008]

Audible Delusions Ensemble, "First Composition," Winter's Weapons [Heathen Skulls/Stomp, 2008]
Lucky Dragons, "Desert Rose," Dream Island Laughing Language [Marriage, 2008]
Richard Swift, "Plan A & Plan B," Instruments of Science & Technology [Secretly Canadian, 2007]
Suicide, "Be My Dream," The First Rehearsal Tapes [1975]
Throbbing Gristle, "Hamburger Lady," Greatest Hits [1978]
Joakim Skogsberg, "Jola fran Leksand," Jola Rota [Tiliqua, 2008]

Gruppo d'Improvvisazione 'Nuova Consonanza', "Settimino," self-titled [Cinevox, 1975 / Cherry Red, 2007]

Fernando Otero, "Sublevados," Pagina de Buenos Aires [Nonesuch, 2008]
Frank Zappa, "Peaches En Regalia," Hot Rats [Bizarre/Reprise, 1969 / Rykodisc, 1995]
Gay Beast, "Pairs of Eyes: Brown, Brown, Blue," Disrobics [self-released, 2008]
John Bischoff, "Surface 2," The Glass Hand
Keith Rowe, Thomas Lehn & Markus Schmickler, "Segment 41," Rabbit Run [2003]
Los Camperos de Valles, "Las flores," El ava de mi sonar: Mexican Sones Huastecos [2005]

breakthrough in grey room