2008 Mar 24

part 1 (mp3), part 2 (mp3)

Yasi Perara, first piece, live 2008 January 13 @ 1510 8th St Performance Space, Oakland, CA
Barn Owl, live 2008 Februrary 11 @ Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut, Oakland, CA

Core of the Coalman, "Mineola Crescent," Anxiety [Resipiscent, 2007]

Evangelista, "Smooth Jazz," Hello, Voyager [Constellation, 2008]
Akarso, "A Steady Runaway Stays Close to Home," Parallel Chlorophyll Regions [Highwater, 1998]
Sweep the Leg Johnny, "Walking Home on the Emergency Bed," Sto Cazzo! [Southern, 2000]
Psicologicos Traumas, "Watercleft Worming Phonautograph (midnight opus)," Psicologicos Traumas [Fish Pies, 2007]

Lasse Marhaug & Paal Nilssen-Love, "The Last Exile," Stalk [PNL, 2007]
Liz Allbee, Phillip Greenlief & Tatsuya Nakatani, live 2008 March 21 @ 21 Grand, Oakland, CA

Marion Brown & Leo Smith, "Njung - Lumumba Malcolm," Creative Improvisation Ensemble [Freedom, 1970]
Sword & Sandals, first piece, live 2007 June 27 @ ATA, San Francisco, CA

Dimitri Voudouris, "Praxis," NPFAI.1, PALMOS, PPFAI.3, PRAXIS [Pogus, 2007]
Laudanum, "Virus," The Apotheker [Unknown Controller/Blurred, 2004]

Cadaver in Drag, "Walking Through the Gates of Hell," Raw Child [Animal DIsguise, 2007]
Breezy Days Band, live 2008 January 23 @ ATA, San Francisco, CA
John Butcher, "Soft Logic," The Geometry of Sentiment [Emanem, 2007]

Sean Meehan & Tim Barnes, untitled CD-R [2004]
Giacinto Scelsi, "Elegia Per Thy, for viola & cello (1958)," Chamber Music for Strings (Solo, Duo & Trio)
Growing, "FIrmament," Growing/Mark Evan Burden [Zum, 2005]

Cryptacize, "We'll Never Dream Again," Dig That Treasure [Asthmatic Kitty, 2008]
Charles K. Noyes, "Mizo No Oto," Full Stop [Ecstatic Peace, 2001]

Fennesz, "Blok M," Hotel Parallel [Mego, 1997]
fORCH, "fOKT III," Spin Networks [Emanem, 2007]

breakthrough in grey room