2008 Feb 25

mp3 (part 1)

AMM, "Later During a Flaming Riviera Sunset," AMMusic [Electra, 1966]

Bent Spoon Trio, #1, March 3. 2005 [Bug Incision, 05]
Miles Davis, "Honky Tonk," Get Up With It [Columbia, 1974]
Butthole Surfers, "The O-Men," Locust Abortion Technician [Touch & Go, 1987]
Mayhem, "Carnage," Dawn of the Black Hearts [Warmaster, 1995]

Healing Force, "New Generation," The Music of Albert Ayler [Cuneiform, 2007]
Talibam!, "Guns and Butter," Ordination of the Globetrotting Conscripts [Azul Discografica, 2007]
Normal Love, "Ndugo," s/t [High Two, 2007]

Deerhoof, "Spirit Ditties of No Tone," The Runners Four [5 Rue Christine, 2005]
"Ghungigot Thonpo [The High Sky] - Traditional Song (Ladakhis - Ladakh)," various - Voices of Forgotten Worlds: Traditional Music of Indigenous Peoples [Ellipsis Arts, 1993]
Phil Minton Quartet, "Far Off," Slur [Emanem, 2007]
Mammal, "Skin Tricks," Double Nature [SNSE, 2003]

Morton Feldman (performed by Kristine Scholz & Mats Persson), "Work for Two Pianists," Complete Works for Two Pianists [Alice, 2002]
Alvin Lucier, "Viola, Dan Panner," Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Families of Hyperbolas [Lovely Music-IODA, 2003]
[background music] Trapist, "Fenrus," Highway My Friend [Hatology, 2002]

John Frusciante, "Look On," Inside of Emptiness [Record Collection, 2004]
Managra, "Windows in Ireland," Modern Day Rememberance [Action/Reaction & Highwater, 1998]
Sanchez, "Trod Along," various - Hail Rastafari Nyahbinghi Riddim [Reggae Cental, 2005]
Bolivar Zoar, "Caw of the Amazon Jungle Woman Queen," s/t [s-r, 2007]

Aissaoua Brotherhood of Marrakesh, "Dikr (part 2)," The Music of Islam vol. 5 - Aissaoua Sufi Ceremony, Marrakesh, Morrocco [Celestial Harmonies, 1997]
Gunter Muller & Steinbruchel, "Berlin-S," Perspectives [List, 2005]
16 Bitch Pile-up, "They buried the dead boy," Bury Me Deep [Troniks, 2007]

Werner Dafeldecker & Klaus Lang, "1000001," Lichtgeschwindigkeit [Grob, 2003]
Murmer, #1, We Share a Shadow [Helen Scarsdale Agency, 2008]

Evan Parker, "Aerobatics 7," Saxophone Solos [Chronoscope, 1994]
Matt Bauder, #2, Weary Already of the Way [482 Music, 2003]

Burzum, "Erblicket die tochter des firmaments," Filosofem [Misanthropy, 1995]

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