2007 July 18

Yellowcake, "Opaque Green," Yellowcake [Rastascan, 2006]

Compression of the Chest Cavity Miracle, #3 & #4, Fleetingly Improvised Persons [Dolor del Estamago, 2006]
Tarantism, "Occam's Razor," & "Gray Water Purge," Stuck to the Bottom [Resipiscent, 2007]
Birgit Uhler & Gino Robair, "Ristretto," Sputter [Creative Sources, 2005]
Elliott Sharp & Reinhold Friedl, "duc," Feuchtify [Emanem, 2006]
Adam Bohman & Roger Smith, "Yes, This," Reality Fandango [Emanem, 2007]
[background music] Adam Bohman & Roger Smith, "So," Reality Fandango [Emanem, 2007]

Phil Minton Quartet, "Back," Slur [Emanem, 2007]
Lambs Gamble, "Inchoate Quest," Memory Collapse [Evolving Ear]
Aemae, "Confound Me," Maw [Isounderscore, 2007]
[background music] Aemae, "Spectral Psychosis," Maw [Isounderscore, 2007]

Head Boggle Domo (in Auralsize), "Duel Tint," Rchive #1 [Greedmink, 2006]
Happy Mother's Day I Can't Read, "Beastkiller," Ova/HMDICR - The Number on my Forehead Is Gone [Freedom From]
Ghost Band, "Life of Old," Skulls for Symphony [Insides Music, 2007]

[background music] Nick Castro, "Motor Music," various - Somethings #1 [Last Visible Dog, 2006]
Masayoshi Urabe, "untitled (2002)," various - Somethings #1 [Last Visible Dog, 2006]
Jean-Francois Laporte, "Boule qui roule... (1997)," Soundmatters [23five, 2007]

16 Bitch Pile-up, "...but not deep enough," Bury Me Deep [Troniks, 2007]
Throbbing Gristle, "Above the Below," Part Two: The Endless Not [Mute, 2007]

Gowns, "Cherylee," Red State [Cardboard, 2007]
The Oh Sees, "You Make Me Sick, Oh Yeah," Sucks Blood [Castle Face, 2007]
Midnight 1,2,3, "Worry," Midnight 1,2,3 [self-released, 2007]
Burning Star Core, "Me and My Arrow," Operator Dead... Post Abandoned [No Quarter, 2007]

The Graveyards, untitled, various - Less Self Is More Self [Ecstatic Peace, 2007]
Weasel Walter, "Improvisation Part 1," Early Recordings 1988-91 [Savage Land, 2007]
Zu & Nobukazu Takemura, "Awake in the Next Room," Identification With the Enemy: A Key to the Underworld [Atavistic, 2006]
Winters in Osaka, "Sleepy Waters," Manifest," [Privileged to Fail, 2007]

Khlyst, "VII," Chaos Is My Name [Hydra Head, 2007]
Moss, "Maimed & Slaughtered," Moss/Monarch split 7" [Rise Above, 2007]
KK Null, #6, Fertile [Touch, 2007]

Nine Inch Nails, "March of the Pigs," The Downward Spiral [TVT/Interscope, 1994]
Nathamuni Brothers, "Varnam Sami Ninne Raga Shankarabharanam, Tala Adi," Madras 1974 [Fire Museum, 2007]

breakthrough in grey room