2007 June 13

Peter Brötzmann Sextet, "Fiddle-Faddle," More Nipples (1969) [Atavistic, 2003]
John Butcher & Gino Robair, "Fid," New Oakland Burr [Rastascan, 2004]
Weasel Walter, "Lobotomy While You Wait," Early Recordings 1988-91 [Savage Land, 2007]
[background music] Weasel Walter, "The Stomp," Early Recordings 1988-91 [Savage Land, 2007]

Crank Sturgeon, "gilituz-n-gha," Novasak/Crank Sturgeon [Swamp of Pus, 2007]
Coil, "Solar Lodge," Scatology [Some Bizzare, 1984]
Plotkin/Wyskida, #4, Live WFMU March 24 2007 [self-released, 2007]

Glenn Branca, "Indeterminate Activity of Resultant Masses (1981)," Indeterminate Activity of Resultant Masses [Atavistic, 2007]
Dielectric Field Recording All Stars, "The Ultimate Sacrifice," "Penal Code Section 409," & "There.," RE:record [Dielectric, 2007]
Mindflayer, "Netherworld Bike Patrol C.H.A.O.S.," Expedition to the Harrier Peaks [Corleone, 2007]

Loachfillet, "Finger Basket Disposal," Cut Throat Rogues [Fish Pies, 2006]
Wolf Eyes, "Human Animal," Human Animal [Sub Pop, 2006]
Can't "Homesick," various - Zum Audio Vol. III [Zum, 2006]
16 Bitch Pile-up, "He began to stir," Bury Me Deep [Troniks, 2007]

BBC Symphony Orchetra, "Cosi Fan Tutte - Overture (Mozart)" [RCA Victor]
Christian Weber, "Camping Light Night," 3 Suits and a Violin [Hatology, 2007]
Gowns, "Mercy Springs," Red State [Cardboard, 2007]
Sword Heaven, "Intro - Tongues," Live at Little Brothers [Cut Hands/Little Miracles, 2007]

Core of the Coalman, "New Conifers," Spirograph/End Grain [self-released, 2006]
Beck, "I Get Lonesome," One Foot in the Grave [K, 1994]
Aaron Siegel, #1-6, The Cabinet [Longbox, 2006]
Bob Ostertag, #1-2, Like a Melody, No Bitterness [My Very Own Record Label, 1997]

KK Null, "0957," Fertile [Touch, 2007]
Oaxacan, "Tulum," various - Crows of the Worls vol. 1 [Last Visible Dog, 2007]
Steuart Liebig/Minim, "The Cherry Blossom Is Only Perfect When It's Falling from the Tree," Sulphur [pfMentum, 2007]
Partisan, "Line of Flight," Line Of Flight/Panopticon Cassingle [Sanitary, 2006]
Johann Johannsson, "Tu non mi perderai mai," various - Touch 25 [Touch, 2006]

Yi Chuhwan, Kim Wolha & NCKTPA, "Kagok T'aep'yongga - Song of Great Peace," various - Traditional Korean Music [Buda, 1997]
Burzum, "Dunkelheit," Filosofem [Misanthropy, 1995]
Douglas Lilburn, "Three Inscapes (#3)," Electro-acoustic Works [Atoll, 2004]

Graveland, "The Gates to the Kingdom of Darkness," The Celtic Winter [No Colors, 1996]
Ozzy Osbourne, "Mr. Crowley," Blizzard of Ozz [Jet, 1980]
John Wiese, #11-32, Magical Crystal Blah volume 3 [Helicopter, 2006]
Brad Fiedel, "Reese Chased," The Terminator Soundtrack [1984]

breakthrough in grey room