2007 June 6

Dafeldecker/Fussenegger/Kovacic, "Bastimentos," Printer [Durian, 1999]
Jesse Zubot, "A Wish," Dementia [Drip Audio, 2006]
Ildjarn, "Mørklagt Sti," Det Frysende Nordariket [Norse League, 1995]

Weakling, "Disasters in the Sun," Dead as Dreams [Tumult, 2000]

Boris & Merzbow, “...And Texas Spaceship,” Megatone [Inoxia, 2002]
Graveland, "Thurisaz," Following the Voice of Blood [No Colours, 1997]

Natsuno Mitsuru, “Motai,” various – Improvised Music from Japan [Improvised Music from Japan, 2001]
KK Null, "0644," Fertile [Touch, 2007]
Jean-Francois Laporte, "Boule qui roule... (1997)," Soundmatters [23five, 2007]

Oren Ambarchi, "Moving Violating," various - Touch 25 [Touch, 2006]
Nurse with Wound, "Tune Time Machine," Who Can I Turn to Stereo [United Dairies, 1996]
Steuart Liebig/Minim, "Necrological Pieties," Sulphur [pfMentum, 2007]
Evan Parker, "Aerobatics 14," Saxophone Solos [Chronoscope, 1994]

“Gamelan Angklung: Margepati,” Music From The Morning Of The World [Nonesuch, 1990]
Can, "Up The Bakerloo Line With Anne," Peel Sessions [Strange Fruit, 1995]

The Kingstonians, "Sufferer," various - The Trojan Story [Trojan, 1997]
The Flatlands Collective, "Alp Doodler," Gnomade [Skycab, 2007]

ZMF Trio, "Roll," Circle the Path [Drip Audio, 2007]
Hank Williams, "I'm Sorry for You my Friend" [1952]
Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid, "Our Time," Tongues [Domino, 2007]
Adam Pacione, "Joelma's Burning," Sisyphus [Elevator Bath, 2005]

Coil, "Magnetic North," Winter Solstice [Eskaton, 1999]
unknown, #18, various - Indonesian Toraja: Funerals & Ferility Feasts [Le Chant du Monde, 1995]
Sun Ra, "Calling Planet Earth," Space Is the Place (Original Soundtrack) [Evidence, 1972]
Reynols, "Colosos del Aroma," Bolas Tristes [Matching Head, 1996 / Freedom From, 2000]
Baby Dodds, "Spooky Drums No. 1," Talking and Drum Solos [Atavistic, 2003]

Screamin' Jay Hawkins, "I Put a Spell on You" [Okeh, 1956]

breakthrough in grey room