2007 May 9

Stilluppsteypa, “Moeder in de Wolken,” Reduce by Reducing [Fire Inc., 1998]
GhostBand, "Nyx," Skulls for Symphony [Insides Music, 2007]
Winters in Osaka, "Sleepy Waters," Manifest [Privileged to Fail, 2007]

Honed Bastion, "Untitled, Live at Il Corral, LA," Honed Bastion [self-released, 2006]

Happy Mother's Day, I Can't Read, "Hans Gruber," Ova! & Happy Mother's Day I Can't Read - The Number on my Forehead Is Gone [Freedom From, 2004]
Crank Sturgeon, "gilituz-n-gha (meme)," Novasak/Crank Sturgeon [Swamp of Pus, 2007]
Wolf Eyes, "The Driller," Human Animal [Sub Pop, 2006]
Matt Shoemaker, "4. ...," Spots in the Sun [Helen Scarsdale Agency, 2007]

Core of the Coalman, "XXXXX," Spirograph/End Grain [self-released, 2006]
Plotkin/Wyskida, #3, Live WFMU March 24 2007 [self-released, 2007]

Doel Sumbang, “Andang”
Gilberto Gil, “Domingo No Parque,” various – Tropicalia: A Brazilian Revolution in Sound [Soul Jazz, 2006]
Steve Lacy, “Duck,” Clinkers [Hat Hut, 1978 / 2000]

Jason Kahn, Tomas Korber & Christian Weber, #6, Zurcher Aufnahmen [Longbox, 2007]
JB23, “laughtillithurts,” Tanta Stat Praedita Culpa [2006]

“Sinawi,” various – Traditional Korean Music

Absu, “Morbid Scream,” The Third Storm of Cythraul [Osmose, 1997]
Skeleton Crew, “Dead Sheep,” The Country of Blinds [Rift/RecRec, 1986] & Learn to Talk/Country of Blinds [RecRec, 1990]
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, “Hobo Chang Ba,” Trout Mask Replica [Straight, 1969]
Devo, “Penetration in the Centerfold,” Dallas TX 1979 [unreleased]
Christian Marclay & Gunter Muller, “Je ne vous oublierai jamais,” Live Improvisations [For 4 Ears, 1994]
Robert Normandeau, “Taille des plans,” Clair de terre [Empreintes Digitales, 2001]

Siamese Temple Ball, #10, Welcome to the Land of the Smile [self-released, 2007]
Bent Spoon Trio, "Another Square-Jawed Decision (3412)," March 3, 2005 [Bug Incision, 2005]
The Mighty Vitamins, "Nakatani," Take-Out [Public Eyesore, 2006]

Musicians of STSI & Kraton Surakarta, "Gendhing Gambir Sawit," Gamelan of Central Java VIII: Court Music Treasures [Dunya/Felmay, 2007]

breakthrough in grey room