2007 Apr 18

Giacinto Scelsi, “Tre Pezzi: I-III - Giancarlo Schiaffini,” Okanagon [Hat Hut, 1994]]
John Butcher & Derek Bailey, “High Vortex,” Vortices and Angels [Emanem, 2001]

Fine/Corringham/Gillett/Seru, "Black American," Senilita [Emanem, 2006]
Cooke Quintet, "Harmonic Rebellion," An Indefinite Suspension of the Possible [Black Hat, 2006]
Memorize the Sky, "Field of Ice," Memorize the Sky [482, 2007]

Pink Floyd, “A Saucerful of Secrets,” Ummagumma [Harvest/EMI, 1969]
Wolf Eyes, "A Million Years" & "Lake of Roaches," Human Animal [Sub Pop, 2006]
[background music] Wolf Eyes, "Rationed Rot," Human Animal [Sub Pop, 2006]

Endless Dismal Moan, “Abyss,” Endless Dismall Moan [BlackMetal.com, 2005]
Coven of the Worm, “Proterozoikum/To the Ancients,” 1992-1996 [Totenkopf Propaganda, 2004]
Sadistik Execution, “Astral Abortis,” We Are Death, Fukk You [Osmose, 1994]
Prosthetic Cunt, “Puny Earthlings,” Fuckin' Your Daughter with a Frozen Vomit Fuck Stick [Primitive, 2002]

[background music] 16 Bitch Pile-Up, "The Dead Boy Would Not Go Away," Bury Me Deep [Troniks, 2007]
16 Bitch Pile-Up, "He Began to Stir," Bury Me Deep [Troniks, 2007]

Iancu Dumitrescu, "Cogito/Trompe L'oeil," Medium III/Cogito/Trompe L'oeil/Aulodie Mioritica/Perspectives au Movemur/Apogeum [Editions Salabert & Editions Modern]
Geoff Mullen, side A, A Rip in the Fabric [Rare Youth, 2007]

Kites, "Flag Torn Apart," Peace Trials [Load, 2005]
John Baker, “Time and Tune,” various – BBC Radiophonic Music [BBC, 1971]
Merzbow, “One Eyed Metal,” Batztoutai with Material Gadgets [RRR, 1986 / 1993]
Drukpa Order, “Lama Kusum Gi Sondep,” Tibetan Buddhist Rites From Monasteries Of Bhutan Vol. 1: Rituals Of The Drukpa Order [Lyrichord, 1994]

Fred Frith & Chris Cutler, “Act 2, Scene II,” 2 Gentlemen in Verona [ReR, 2000]
Channels 3+4, "New Freelance Society," various - Zum Audio Vol. III [Zum, 2006]
Impractical Cockpit, "Furrowed Frow," To Be Treated [Load, 2006]
Omar Souleyman, "Atabat," Highway to Hassake: Folk and Pop Sounds of Syria [Sublime Frequencies, 2007]

Chris Corsano, “Switches,” Blood Pressure [Hot Cars Warp, 2006]
Spine Scavenger, #1, VA-T-EN [Chondritic, 2006]
Aaron Siegel, #1-5, The Cabinet [Longbox, 2006]

breakthrough in grey room