2007 Feb 28

The Slam Trio, “Slam's Blues,” In the Stillhouse (Live) [CJR, 2006]
The Gnoua Brotherhood of Marrakesh, “Sidi Musakar,” Moroccan Trance Music II: Sufi (w/ Master Musicians of Joujouka) [Sub Rosa, 1996 / 2005]

The Angelic Process, “My Blood Still Whispers,” Coma Waering [Artwrek, 2003 / Paradigms, 2006]
Burzum, “Feeble Screams from Forests Unknown,” Aske [Deathlike Silence Productions, 1993]
Cock ESP & Costes, "French Kiss," We Would Be Happy [Sunship, etc., 2005]
[background music] Cock ESP & Costes, "Je T'aime Mon Amour," We Would Be Happy [Sunship, etc., 2005]

Qishash, “Up on the Lies,” various – Dimensi Kematian [2000]
Sepultura, “Funeral Rites,” Morbid Visions [Cogumelo/Roadrunner, 1986]
1349, “Necronatalenheten,” Beyond the Apocalypse [Candlelight, 2004]

[background music] Jandek, “Love, Love,” Chair Beside a Window [Corwood, 1982]
Vankmen, "Grinding My Face on a Brick Walll," CHopstick vs. Vankmen
Hetty Koes Endang, “Gambang Semarang”
No Noise Reduction, “RLO III (1995),” various – Antologia de Música Electrónica Portuguesa [Tomlab, 2004]
Anthony Braxton, “Composition No. 6c,” Dortmund (Quartet) 1976 [hatART, 1991]
Bernard Parmegiani, “Jeu de Cellules,” Violostries [INA-GRM, 1992]

Eric Cordier, "Mes chaines seront brises," Breizhiselad [Erewhon, 2006]
Nano S., “Kalangkang” unknown Sundanese pop VCD
Chris Watson, “Red deer stag roar by forest edge, Glen Affric, Scotland,” Outside the Circle of Fire [Touch, 1998]
Idjah Hadidjah, “Tonggeret,” Tonggeret [Elektra/Wea, 1987]

John Wiese, "Diamond Harmony," various - California [Troniks/Ground Fault/RRR, 2006]
Delia Derbyshire, “Blue Veils & Golden Sand,” various - BBC Radiophonic Music [BBC, 1971]
Psychic TV, “Thee Dweller,” Allegory and Self [Temple, 1988]

Vibracathedral Orchestra, “Mystical Coughing,” Dabbling with Gravity and Who You Are [VHF, 2002]
The Drukpa Order, "Invoking Tshetro's Blessings," Tibetan Buddhist Rites From Monasteries Of Bhutan Vol. 1: Rituals Of The Drukpa Order [Lyrichord, 1994]
Patty Waters, “Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair,” Sings [ESP, 1965]
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band, “Steal Softly Thru Snow,” Trout Mask Replica [Straight, 1969]

Chicago Luzern Exchange, “Walls,” Several Lights [Delmark, 2005]
Gamelan Gong Gede STSI Denpasar, “Tabuh Pat Semara Dana,” Gamelan Gong Gede STSI Denpasar vol. 1

Aemae, "Spectral Psychosis," Maw [Isounderscore, 2007]

breakthrough in grey room