2007 Feb 14

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Alvin Lucier, “Marimba (William Winant),” Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Families of Hyperbolas [Lovely Music/IODA, 2003]
Andy Moor, Thomas Lehn & John Butcher, “Broken Fighter Plane,” Thermal [Unsounds, 2003]

[background music] Pan Sonic, “Onkalo (Cavity),” Kesto [Mute, 2004]
Vertonen, "Face Grab With Chlorine," Stations [CIP, 2006]
Cryptopsy, “Endless Cemetery,” Once Was Not [Century Media, 2005]
Immortal, “Circling Above in Time Before Time,” Battles in the North [Osmose, 1995]
Graveland, “Witches' Holocaust,” Carpathian Wolves [Eternal Devils, 1994]

Nortt, “Dødsrune,” Ligfærd [Total Holocaust, 2006]
Lustmord, "Section 1: Sol Om On," The Place Where the Black Stars Hang [Soleilmoon, 1994/2006]

unknown, #3, Indonesia Toraja: Funerals and Fertility Feasts [Le Chant du Monde, 1995]
Zs, "Nobody Wants to Be Had Balk," Arms [Planaria, 2007]
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Salvatore Sciarrino, “Esplorazione del Bianco II,” Exploration of White [Stradivarius, 1999]

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John Butcher, “Sprinkler,” Invisible Ear [Fringes, 2003]
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Francois Houle, "Neume" & "Allora," Aerials [Drip Audio, 2006]
Aki Takase Piano Quintet, "Song for Che," Tarantella [Psi, 2006]

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