2007 Jan 3

Desmond Leslie, “Destruction of the Flies,” Music of the Future
Douglass Lilburn, “Cicadas, Oscillators and Treefrogs,” Electro-acoustic Works [Atoll, 2004]
Cock ESP & Panicsville, “I Can't Get Her Off My Cock,” Last Train to Cocksville [Little Mafia/Nihilist/SunShip, 2004]
Negligent Collateral Collapse, “Cockroach's Motor Neurons 666,” Paranormal Nanodivision [2003]
John Bischoff, “Graviton,” Aperture [23five, 2003]
Sissy Spacek, #47, s/t [Helicopter, 2001]

unknown, “Ladrang Gleyong pelog,” unknown
Dafeldecker/Fussenegger/Kovacic, “Dun,” Printer [Durian, 1999]
Jan Jelinek, "Palmer Aus Leder," Tierbeobachtungen [Scape, 2006]
Delphium, "Stringsong I," various - Drone Records [Tumult, 2006]
Colleen, "Your Heart Is So Loud," Colleen Et Les Boiles A Musique [Leaf, 2006]

Xela, "Wet Bones," The Dead Sea [Type, 2006]
Grete Wiedeke, “Ach, mein Otto hat 'ne Flöte” [Edison Amberol: 15008, 1910 / UCSB Cylinder Digitization Project: http://cylinders.library.ucsb.edu]
Charles Manson, “I Once Knew a Man,” Lie
16 Bitch Pile-Up, "Invisible Adversaries," ADAD [self-released, 2006]

Keiji Haino & Tatsuya Yoshida, “Chinatown,” New Rap [Tzadik, 2006]
Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, #7, Conspiracy Nation [Qbico, 2002]
Captain Beefheart, “Dual and Abdul,” The Brown Star Sessions [1972]
Cecil Taylor, “Jitney No. 2,” Silent Tongues
Christian Wolff, “Prelude 9,” Bread and Roses: Piano Works 1976-1983 [Mode, 1995]

John Shiurba, "1.2.4," 5x5 1.2=A [Rastascan, 2006]
Amber Asylum, “Stillpoint Pt. 2,” Garden of Love [2006]
Origami Arktika, “Trank:vill,” Vardogr [Silber, 2002]

Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra, The Key to the Gates of Apocalypses [The End, 1998]

16-17, "Clap Trap," When All Else Fails [Savage Land, 2006]
Harvey Milk, "I've Got a Love," Special Wishes [Megablade, 2006]
Carcass, “Cadaveric Incubator of Endoparasites,” Symphonies of Sickness
Xome, "Carburetor," various - California [Troniks/Ground Fault/RRR, 2006]

Howlin' Wolf, “You'll Be Mine,” various – Shake Em On Down
Tom Waits, "Lie to Me," Orphans [Anti, 2006]
The Curtains, "Wysteria," Calamity [Asthmatic Kitty, 2006]
Soft Machine, "Disorganisation," Middle Earth Masters [Cuneiform, 2006]

AMM/Musica Elettronica Viva, "Apogee Pt. 2," Apogee [Matchless, 2005]

breakthrough in grey room