2006 Dec 20

Otomo Yoshihide & Voice Crack, “@@@4,” Bits, Bots and Signs [Erstwhile, 2000]
Belketre, “Guilty,” March to the Black Holocaust (split with Vlad Tepes) [Embassy, 1995]
Skullflower, "Saragossa," Tribulation [Crucial Blast, 2006]

Luigi Nono, “V. Tre Voci a,” Prometeo [Angel, 1996]
Sunn o))) & Boris, "Akuma No Kuma," Altar [SOuthern Lord, 2006]

Iannis Xenakis, “Eonta, part 1,” Metastasis/Pithoprakta/Eonta [Le Chant Du Monde, 1993]

Sclippenbach Trio, "Winterreise 2," Winterreise [Psi, 2006]

Yellowcake, "The Prince of Wrongdoing (Mr. Unwilling Symptom)," Yellowcake [Rastascan, 2006]
16 Bitch Pile-Up, "Live @ No Fun Fest," ADAD [self-released, 2006]

John Shiurba, "intro," 5x5 1.2=A [Rastascan/UN-Limited Sedition. 2006]
Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra, "Straight Up and Down ~ Will Be Back," Out to Lunch [Doubt, 2006]

Gamelan Ensemble Lingkungan Seni Degung, “Palwa-Prawa,” Gamelan Degung: Classical Music of Sunda, West Java [Pan, 1996]
Ed Lewis, John Lee Moore, James Carter & Henry Mason, “Tom Devil,” various – Southern Journey Vol.5 - Bad Man Ballads [Rounder Select, 1997]

Anthony Braxton, “Solo (Comp. 8K),” This Time [BYG, 1970]
John Bischoff, “Piano 7Hz,” Aperture [23five, 2003]
Andy Moor, Thomas Lehn & John Butcher, “Graphite,” Thermal [Unsounds, 2003]

Leporidae, "Black Water," various - Women Take Back the Noise [Ubuibi, 2006]
Aube, "Re-Chant," various - Drone Records [Tumult, 2006]
Willie Nelson, “It's Not Supposed to Be that Way,” Phases and Stages [Atlantic, 1974]
Goodman/Gustafsson/Cremaschi, "9th Movement," They Were Gentle and Pretty Pigs [Beak Doctor, 2002]
Tony Conrad, "Joan of Arc (1968)," Joan of Arc (1968) [Table of the Elements, 2006]

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