2006 Dec 06

Hair Police, “Constantly Terrified,” Constantly Terrified [Troubleman, 2005]
Sun Ra, “Under Different Stars,” Space Is the Place Soundtrack
Caroliner, “Joy Disease,” Rear End Hernia Puppet Show
Akitsa, “Les Secrets Du Désespoir,” Aube de la Misanthropie [2005]

Jasper TX, "Letting Go (the World Is Coming to an End)," I'll Be Gone Before My Light Reaches You [Lampse, 2005]
James Whitehead, “Air Attack Over Kabul Airfield (2005),” various – Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music 4 (1937-2005)
Treponem Pal, “Excess & Overdrive,” Excess & Overdrive

Kipple, "The Excess Is Novel," Flashes of Irrational Happiness [Evander, 2006]
Keith Rowe, Thomas Lehn & Marcus Schmickler, “Segment 30,” Rabbit Run [Erstwhile, 2003]
Komet, “4'49'',” 20' to 2000 #1 [Raster Noton, 1999]
Mouse On Mars, "Ret Phase," Varcharz [Ipecac, 2006]
Andy Moor & Yannis Kyriakides, “The Eyes on its Sides,” Red v. Green [Unsounds, 2004]

Ut Gret, "Pelog Sampak/Srepegan," Recent Fossils [Ear X-Tacy, 2006]
John Butcher & Phil Durrant, “Japanese Square Lashing,” Requests and Antisongs [Erstwhile, 2000]
Goodman/Gustafsson/Cremaschi, "I," They Were Gentle and Pretty Pigs [Beak Doctor, 2002]

Sven-Ake Johansson, Axel Dörner & Andrea Neumann, #9, Barcelona Series [Hatology, 2001]
Jesse Zubot, "Dementia," Dementia [Drip Audio, 2006]
Alejandro Jodorowsky, “The Sugar Gods,” El Topo [1971]
Sunn o))) & Boris, "Etna," Altar [Southern Lord, 2006]
Absu, “Manannan,” In the Eyes of Ioldanach [1998]

Loachfillet, "Cartoon Smash Up," Cut Throat Rogues [Fish Pies, 2006]
Teeth Collection, "Filth Studio Room Feed 5.13.02," Iovae & Teeth Collection [Epicene, 2005]

Yellowcake, "Lazy Tongue," Yellowcake [Rastascan, 2006]
Tarantism, "Echoes of the Underbrush," "The Cowl Apparatus," & "Trilobite Waltz," Stuck to the Bottom [Resipiscent, 2006]
Leporidae, "Black Water," various - Women Take Back the Noise [Ubuibi, 2006]

Open City, "Dusty Sweets, Bit Parts," California [Troniks/Ground Fault/RRR, 2006]

Chuck Berry, “Brown-Eyed Handsome Man,” Greatest Hits
Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra, "Hat and Beard," Out to Lunch [Doubt, 2006]
Iannis Xenakis, “Mists, for solo piano (1980),” Chamber Music 1955-1990

breakthrough in grey room