2006 Nov 15

Phill Niblock, “Pan Fried 70,” Touch Food [Touch, 2003]
John Cale, “After the Locust,” Inside the Dream Syndicate vol. 3: Stainless Steel Gamelan [Table of the Elements, 2003]
Caroliner, “Burdensome Blood,” Rise of the Common Woodpile [Bullshit, 1991]

Expo 70, "Who Left the Door to the Sun Open?," Surfaces [Kill Shaman, 2005]
Solomon Islanders, “Vinango-Chorus (Savo),” various – Voices of Forgotten Worlds: Traditional Music of Indigenous Peoples [Ellipsis Arts , 1993]
John Oswald, “James Brown: Black (1989),” Plunderphonic [1989]
Andy Moor, Thomas Lehn & John Butcher, “Teeth,” Thermal [Unsounds, 2003]

Damia Catera, "DeComposition NYC v.1," Radio Decomposition [Harsh House, 2006]
Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention, “Prelude to the Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask,” Weasels Ripped My Flesh [Reprise, 1970]
#24, Tibetan Buddhist Rites from the Monastaries of Bhutan Vol. 2: Sacred Dances and Rituals of the Nyingmapa and Drukpa Orders from Nyimalung and Tongsa [Lyrichord, 1972]
Eastern Fox Squirrels, "Mad King and his Squirrel on a Lucid Day," Eastern Fox Squirrels [Last Visible Dog, 2006]

Core of the Coalman, "It Take the Capes," Snow Lights [self-released, 2006]
Sunburned Hand of the Man, "The Mylar Tantrum," The Mylar Tantrum [Three Lobed, 2006]

Matt Davignon, "Bee Sting," Soft Wet Fish [Edgetone, 2006]
Yellowcake, "Discontinuous Beings," Yellowcake [Rastascan, 2006]

Frank Lowe, “Brother Joseph,” Black Beings [ESP, 1973]
Braille, “Recover,” Partir [Angstrom, 2004]
Darso, “Duriat”
Merdangga Utsawa, #6, Merdangga Utsawa

Bunk's Brass Band, “Just a Little While to Stay Here”
Fuhler/Bennink/de Joode, “Drawstrings-Jig,” Bellagram [Geestgronden, 1998]
Chuck Berry, “Little Queenie (1959),” Greatest Hits
Los Jardineros, "Endemoniao," The Best of Los Jardineros [Yazoo, 2006]
Som Imaginario, "Morse," Som Imaginario [Rev-Ola, 2006]

Amadou Kienou & Son Ensemble Fotebon, "Kienou Laka," Taabali [Felmay, 2006]
Khan Jamal Creative Arts Ensemble, "Breath of Life," Drumdance to the Motherland [Eremite, 2006]
GHQ, #2, Heavy Elements [Three Lobed, 2006]

Tim Hecker, "Radio Spiricom," Harmony in Ultraviolet [Kranky, 2006]
Geoff Mullen, #5, The Air in Pieces [Last Visible Dog, 2006]

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