2006 Sep 13

“Gendhing ageng Andong-andong,” The Royal Palace of Yogyakarta 3 – Spiritual and Sacred Music
John Cage, “Sonata No. 8,” Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano
David Grubbs & Mats Gustafsson, “Skiing + Shooting,” Off Road [Blue Chopsticks, 2002]

Kidd Jordan, Hamid Drake & William Parker, "Forever," Palm of Soul [AUM Fidelity, 2006]
Art Ensemble of Chicago, "Erika," Non-Cognitive Aspects of the City: Live at Iridium [Pi, 2006]

Grupo Naidy, "Dolores," Arriba Suena Marimba! [Smithsonian Folkways, 2005]
Nai Htaw Paing Ensemble, "Day Sa Midum," Mon Music of Burma [Fire Museum, 2006]

7 Year Rabbit Cycle, "untitled," Ache Horns [Free Porcupine Society, 2006]
Conjunto de Arpa Grande Arpex, "El Jarabe Ranchero," Tierra Caliente [Smithsonian Folkways, 2006]
Amadou Kienon & Son Ensemble, "Ouagadougou Kalou," Foteban [Felmay, 2006]
Chuck Berry, “Memphis,” Greatest Hits
Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry, “Big House Bound,” Harmonica & Guitar Blues 1937-1945

Wadada Leo Smith & Anthony Braxton, “Composition No. 316,” Saturn, Conjunct the Grade Canyon in a Sweet Embrace

The Flying Luttenbachers, "Cataclysm," Cataclysm [ugExplode, 2006]
Wolf Eyes & Anthony Braxton, "Rationed Rat," Black Vomit [Victo, 2006]
Evan Parker, "For Peter B & Peter K," The Topography of the Lungs [Psi, 2006 / Incus, 1970]

Liz Allbee & Carlos Giffoni, "Track 5," various - Mutual Hallucinations vol. 1 [Resipiscent, 2006]
Brand/Perkins/Robair/Shiurba/Sperry, "Cindy Cindy," Supermodel Supermodel [Emanem, 2006]
Liz Allbee, "The Overhaul," various - Femme Toupee 1 [self-released, 2006]
Terry Day, "Crackle Box & Altos," & "Crackle & Bamboo," Interruptions [Emanem, 2006]
Rudi Mahall, "VI," Solo [Psi, 2006]

Steve Reich, “Pendulum Music III (1969),”
Miles Davis, “Miles Runs the Voodoo Down,” Bitches Brew [1969]

Jorrit Dijkstra & John Hollenbeck, "Dub Machine," Sequence [Trytone, 2006]
Can't, "Homesick," various - Zum Audio Volume 3 [Zum, 2006]
Core of the Coalman, "First Bloc," Snow Lights [self-released, 2006]
Venetian Snares, "Donut," Cavalcade of Glee & Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms [Planet Mu, 2006]
Otto von Schirach, "Alligator Waltz," Maxipad Detention [Ipecac, 2006]

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