2006 Sep 06

Lasse Marhaug, “Magmadiver,” The Shape of Rock to Come [Smalltown Supersound, 2004]
Mayhem, “Cursed in Eternity,” De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas [Deathlike Silence , 1994]
Endless Dismal Moan, “Goddess of Death,” Endless Dismal Moan [BlackMetal.com, 2005]
Azaghal, “Verenjano,” Harmageddon [Aftermath Music, 1999]

Striborg, "Digging a Ditch to Die In," Embittered Darkness/Isle de Morts [Southern Lord, 2006]
Treponem Pal, “Radioactivity,” Aggravation [Roadracer, 1991]
Rudi Mahall, "III," Solo [Psi, 2006]

Arrington de Dionyso, "Solstice," Breath of Fire [K, 2006]
Six Phnong gong players, 1 male sing & 2 female singers in Pateng (Mondolker), "May 2005," various - Ethnic Minority Music of Northeast Cambodia [Sublime Frequencies, 2006]

Pink Mountain, "Four Riders," Pink Mountain [Frenetic, 2006]
Grey Daturas, "Decay and Stucture 3," The Black Plague (split with Wolf Eyes) [Heathen Skulls, 2006]
Nai Htaw Paing Ensemble, "Gwet-rom-sai-che," Mon Music of Burma [Fire Museum, 2006]
Brand/Perkins/Robair/Shiurba/Sperry, "Kate Kate," Supermodel Supermodel [Emanem, 2006]
Matt Davignon, "Polyps," Soft Wet Fish [Edgetone, 2006]

Volcano the Bear, "See Me Now," Classic Erasmus Fusion [Beta Lactam Ring, 2006]
Hawkwind, "Master of the Universe," The Space Ritual: Alive in Liverpool and London [United Artists, 1973]
The Flying Luttenbachers, "Interstellar War," Cataclysm [ugExplode, 2006]

Wizardzz, "Sea Battle at Orkusk," Hidden City of Taurmond [Load, 2006]
Albert Ayler, “Ghost (another variation),” Albert Smiles with Sunny [In Respect, 1996]
John Butcher, “Liberica,” Fixations (14), Solo Saxophone Improvisations 1997-2000 [Emanem, 2001]

Thelonious Monk, “Criss-Cross,” Live at Newport 58 & 63 [Columbia / Sony, 1993]
Aki Takase Piano Quintet, “Hat and Beard,” Tarantella [2006]

Dummy Run, “A Himalayan Tale,” various – Hot Air and Dr. Asswani Present Medical Milestone
The Upsetters, “Put It On (instrumental),” Trojan Upsetters Box
Cybotron, “Clear,” Street Jams Electric Funk
Uské Orchestra, "Niko et la berlué," Niko et la berlué [Sonig, 2005]
Le Forte Four, “Painting the Roses Red,” The Lowest Form of Music
Andy Moor, Thomas Lehn & John Butcher, “Teeth,” Thermal [Unsounds]
Evan Parker, "Fixed Elsewhere," The Topography of the Lungs [Psi, 2006 / Incus, 1970]
Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto from Colombia, "Fuego de Cumbia," Un Fuego de Sangre Pura [Smithsonian Folkways, 2006]
Terry Day, "Eric," Interruptions [Emanem, 2006]
Art Ensemble of Chicago, "Erika," Non-Cognitive Aspects of the City: Live at Iridium [Pi, 2006]
Silvério Pessoa, "Pra Rapaziada," various - Moro No Brasil [Milian, 2006]
Maher Shalal Hash Baz, "Seal and Seagulls," Faux Depart [Yik Yak, 2006]

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