2006 Aug 9

Douglas Lilburn, “Three Inscapes (#2 & #3),” Electro-acoustic Works [Atoll, 2004]
Phil Minton & Roger Turner, “Temperate” Drainage [Emanem, 2003]
Conlon Nancarrow, “Study No. 3e,” Studies for Player Piano [Wergo, 1988]

Moe! Staiano/Moe!kestra, #1, An Inescapable Siren Within Earshot Distance Therein and Other Whereabouts [Rastascan/Amanita, 2006]
Kacapi Trio, “Getti Lampa,” various - Music of Indonesia 15: South Sulawesi Strings
Charles Mingus, “Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting,” Mingus at Antibes [Atlantic/Wea, 1960]

Convicts at the Ramsey and Retrieve State Farms, "Lost John," various - Classic African-American Ballads [Smithsonian Folkways, 2006]
Kavet Men, #2, various - Ethnic Minority Music of Northeast Cambodia [Sublime Frequencies, 2006]
Hotam Hokimov, Gurughli," Falak: the Voice of Destiny [Topic, 2006]

Mississippi Fred McDowell, “Red Cross Store,” I Do Not Play No Rock 'N' Roll: The Complete Sessions [Capitol, 1995]
Max Roach, “Triptych: Prayer/Protest/Peace,” We Insist! Max Roach's Freedom Now Suite [Candid, 1960]

Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid, "We Dream Free," The Exchange Session vol. 2 [Domino, 2006]
Jordan/Drake/Parker, "So Often," Palm of Soul [AUM Fidelity, 2006]
The Necks, "Fatal," Chemist [ReR, 2006]

Alvarius B, "The Mighty Bufo," Alvarius B [Abduction, 2006]
Bennet/Bryerton/Butcher/DeGruttola/Kaiser/Smith, "So What Do You Think About John Stevens?," Sextessence: A Tribute to John Stevens and the SME [Balance Point Acoustics, 2006]
Jorrit Dijkstra & John Hollenbeck, "Dub Machine," Sequence [Trytone, 2006]

Paal Nilssen-Love & Mats Gustafsson, “Lightning Bug,” I Love it when You Snore [Smalltown Supersound, 2003]
Enslaved, “Heimdallr,” Vikingligr Veldi [Deathlike Silence, 1994]
Coven of the Worm, “Proterozoikum/To the ancient,” 1992-1996 [Totenkopf Propaganda, 2004]

Pink Mountain, "Deus Ancien," Pink Mountain [Frenetic, 2006]
Magma, “Kreuhn Kohmahn Iss De Hundin,” Mekanik Destructiw Kommandoh [Vertigo, 1973]
Gal Costa, “Sebastiana,” various – Tropicalia: A Brazilian Revolution in Sound [Soul Jazz, 2006]
Dennis Brown, “Westbound Train,” various – Trojan Jamaican Hits Box Set
Rufus Harley, "Gods and Goddesses," Re-Creation of the Gods [Transparency, 2006]

Shudder, "Freeze (Rough Edit)," various - San Francisco Electronic Music Fest 2006 sampler [2006]
Deerhoof, “Queen of the Mole People,” The Man The King The Girl [Kill Rock Stars, 1997]
Nouvelle Vague, "Shack Up," Bande A Part [Luaka Bop, 2006]
Ornette Coleman, “Job Mod,” Of Human Feelings [Antilles, 1979]

Alan Bishop, Radio Algeria [Sublime Frequencies, 2006]

breakthrough in grey room