2006 Jul 26

Rhys Chatham, "Drastic Classicism," Die Donnerötter/An Angel Move Too Fast to See [Radium, 2006]
Oil Tasters, "My Girlfriend's Ghost," Oil Tasters [Thermidor, 1982]
Quintron, "Meet Me at the Club House," These Hands of Mine [Skin Graft]
Octis, #3&4, split 7" with Child Abuse [Forge, 2005]
Skullcaster, #10, Bone Conduction [2006]

Carlos Giffoni & SIXES, #3, various - Mutual Hallucinations vol. 1 [Resipiscent, 2006]
Hautzinger/Kerbaj/Hinteregger/Schnaoui, "In the Afternoon," Franz Hautzinger's Oriental Space

Jorrit Dijkstra & John Hollenbeck, "Rubber Mitten," Sequence [Trytone, 2006]

Bauder & Ajemian, Object 3 [Locust, 2003]

Pink Mountain, "1000 Miles of Sand," Pink Mountain [Frenetic, 2005]
Peter Wright, "Porous," Pariahs Sing Om [Last Visible Dog, 2006]

KK Null & Z'ev, #4, Artificial Life [CIP, 2006]
Xambuca, "Tristan Tzara Has a Heart of Gas," Gestalt Screams from Imaginary People [Erototox Decodings, 2006]
Luciano Berio, "Voci," Voci [ECM, 2001]

Evan Parker Octet, "Octet 1," Crossing the River [Psi, 2006]
Grupo Naidy, "Dolores," Arriba Suena Marimba [Smithsonian Folkways, 2005]
Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid, "Noémie," The Exchange Session Vol. 2 [Domino, 2006]

Rauhan Orkesteri/Lauhkeai Lampaat, "Bile-Kalkkuna," Sylissain Oot [Ache, 2006]
Kiila, "Holy Melancholy," Heartcore [Say Hey, 2006]
Syd Barrett, "Rats," Barrett [EMI/Capitol, 1990]

7 Year Rabbit Cycle, "This Makes Me a Barn Burner," Ache Horns [Free Porcupine Society, 2006]
Alan Bishop, "Exterior Grooves," Radio Algeria [Sublime Frequencies, 2006]
Edip Akbayram, "Ince Ince Bir Kar Yagar (Little Snowflakes Falling)," Edip Akbayram [Shadoks/Normal, 2006]

breakthrough in grey room