2006 May 17

Rudi Mahall, "VII," Solo [Psi, 2006]
Hans Grüsel's Kränkenkabinet, "Teapot Steam System" & "Tea for Two," Happy As Pitch [CIP, 2006]
Evan Parker Octet, "Quintet," Crossing the River [Psi, 2006]

Olivier Messiaen, "Oraison (1937)," various - An Anthology of Noise and Electyronic Music vol. 4 [Sub Rosa, 2006]
Munir Bashir & the Iraqi Traditional Music Group, "Debke (Music Dialog)," self-titled [Le CHant du Monde, 2005]

Matmos, "Semen Song for James Bidgood," The Rose has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast [Matador, 2006]
Alireza Mashatekhi, "Sonata 82," Celebration (performed by the Iranian Orchestra for New Music) [Hermes, 2005]

Mei Han, "Bamboo, Silk and Stone," Outside the Wall [Za, 2005]
Haino Keiji & Yoshida Tatsuya, "West 48th Street," New Rap [Tzadik, 2006]

Ekkehard Ehlers, "Die Sorge geht über den Fluss," A Life Without Fear [Staubgold, 2006]
Danielson, "My Lion Sleeps Tonight," Ships [Secretly Canadian, 2006]
The Big Eyes Family Players, "Eight Wrong Choices," Do the Musiking [Pickled Eggs, 2006]
James Blackshaw, "Spiralling Skeleton Memorial," O True Believers [Important, 2006]
Sibylle Baier, "Driving," Colour Green [Orange Twin, 2006]
The One Ensemble of Daniel Padden, "Clown Flinging," Live at VPRO Radio [Brainwashed, 2005]

William Parker, "Pok-A-Tok," Long Hidden [AUM Fidelity, 2006]
Kevin & Chad, side B, untitled 7" [Weird Forest, 2005]

Hall, Ranaldo & Hooker, "The Mechanism," Oasis of Whispers [Alien8, 2006]
Coil, "Triple Sun," The Ape of Naples [Threshold House, 2005]
The Choir Boys, "Wir Sind Heir," With Strings [pfMentum, 2006]
Phillip Greenlief, "Frogs," Seared Circuit Incident [Evander, 2006]

Henry Kaiser & Charles K. Noyes, "The Tsuchigumi Five-Wheel Technique vs. the Seagull School 1981," Domo Arigato Derek-Sensei [Balance Point Acoustics, 2006]
Ingram Marshall, "Cortez," various - Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center [New World, 1998]
Brand/Perkins/Robair/Shiurba/Sperry, "Stephanie Stephanie," Supermodel Supermodel [Emanem, 2006]

Transit, "Der Blatt," Transit [Clean Feed, 2005]
Sun City Girls, "Waco Herdsman," Carnival Folklore Resurrection [Abduction, 2005]

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