2006 April 19

Evan Parker Octet, "Octet I," Crossing the River [Psi, 2006]

The Mighty Sparrow, "Gun SLingers," First Flight pSmithsonian FOlkways, 2005]
Carneyball Johnson, "Intensified Festival '68," Carneyball Johnson [Akron Cracker, 2006]
Rudi Mahall, "III," Solo [Psi, 2006]

Hall/Ranaldo/Hooker, "View from Bellevue," Oasis of Whispers [Alien8, 2006]
Na, "Na Impro," Na Is Nice [Pax, 2006]
Terry Day, "Toy Ensemble," Interruptions [Emanem, 2006]
Shogun Kunitoki, "Tropiikin Kuuma Nuuma," Tasankokaiku [Fonal, 2005]
Subtle, "Farewell Ride (rmx)," Wishingbone [Lex, 2006]

The Choir Boys, "Needlework Alice," With Strings [pfMentum, 2006]
Hans Grüsel's Krankenkabinet, "Common Housefly Symphony," & "Moog System 15 Variation One," Happy as Pitch [CIP, 2006]

Coil, "It's in my Blood," The Ape of Naples [Threshold House, 2005]
Susan Alcorn, "O Sacrum Convivium," Curandera [Fleece, 2005]
SVEST, "Nuit de Walpurgis," Urfaust [End All Life, 2006]

Sun City Girls, "Bacchanalia," Carnival Folklore Ressurection: Static from the Outside Set [Abduction, 2005]
James Blackshaw, "The Elk with Jade Eyes," O True Believers [Important, 2006]
Keith Fullerton Whitman, Recorded in Lisbon [Kranky, 2006]
Augustus Pablo, "Jah Strength Ital Step," King David's Melody [Shanachie, 2006]

William Parker, "Codex," Long Hidden [AUM Fidelity, 2006]
Tom Zé, "Gloria," various - Tropicalia [Soul Jazz, 2006]
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, "Helen," House Arrest [Paw Tracks, 2006]
Porest, "Continental Revolt," Tourrorists [Abduction, 2006]
Unearthly Trance, "The Air Exits, the Sea Accepts Me," The Trident [Relapse, 2006]

Rick Reed, "Ceremony - Part 1," Dark Skies at Noon [Elevator Bath, 2005]
F/i, "Hit the Kill Switch, Eugene," A Question for the Somnambulist [Strange Attractors, 2006]
Mammatus, "The Outer Rim," Mammatus [Holy Mountain, 2006]

Mono, "Are You There?," You Are There [Temporary Residence, 2006]
Gino Robair, untitled, various - Music + One [Rastascan, 2006]
Mord, "Opus III," Christendom Perished [Southern Lord, 2005]

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