2006 March 15

[background music] Amon Duul II, "Kismet," Only Human [Castle, 1978]
Iannis Xenakis, “Plekto (1993),” Ensemble Music 1 (performed by ST-X Ensemble) [Mode, 1996]
unknown artist, #18, various - Indonesia Toraja: Funerals & Fertility Feasts [Le Chant Du Monde, 1995]
John Cage, “Etude 21,” Freeman Etudes (Book 2) [Newport Classics, 1995]
Grup Afyas, “Dun Sner (Dance Songs),” Music of Indonesia 10: Music of Biak, Irian Jaya [Smithsonian Folkways, 1996]

Leavenworth, #2 & #3, Number Four [Red Net, 2002]
This Heat, “Independence,” Deceit [Rough Trade, 1981]
Lajkó Félix, #6, Lajkó Félix és bandája játszik [2001]
Shalabi Effect, "Harpie," Unfortunately [Alien8, 2006]

Avarus, "Prinssi Halonen," Jattliaisrotta [Secret Eye, 2004]
Captain Beefheart, “Bat Chain Puller,” I'm Going to Do What I Wanna Do: Live at My Father's Place [1978]
Fuhler/Bennink/De Joode, “Mr. Basil Bewildered,” Bellagram [Geestgronden, 1998]
Harry Partch, “Two Detectives,” The Harry Partch Collection Vol. 4: The Bewitched [New World, 2005]

Ellen Burr, "Senbazuru," Duos [pfMentum, 2006]
Tom Abbs & Frequency Response, "Division," The Animated Adventures of Knox [482, 2005]
LaConnor, "Short Moment," & "Mr. Panhuysen," LaConnor [Drip Audio, 2005]

unknown artist, “Ketawang Boyong Basuki”
The One Ensemble of Daniel Padden, "Clown Flinging," Live at VPRO Radio [Brainwashed, 2005]

Lee Ranaldo, "The Singing Bridge of Memphis Tennessee (Brooklyn Bridge Version)," various - I Am the Ressurection: A Tribute to John Fahey [Vanguard, 2006]
Isengard (Darkthrone), “Thornspawn Chalice,” Høstmørke [Moonfog, 1995]
Belketre, “Those of Our Blood,” March to the Black Holocaust (split with Vlad Tepes) [Embassy, 1995]
Belketre, “If We Had,” March to the Black Holocaust (split with Vlad Tepes) [Embassy, 1995]
XBXRX, “Sixth Extinction,” Sixth in Sixes [Polyvinyl, 2005]

Black Flag, “Three Nights,” Live '84 [SST, 1984]
Transmission, “Panic Attack,” Transmission [Audible Hiss, 1996]
Kasai Allstars, "Koyile/Nyeka Nyeka," various - Congotronics 2 [Crammed Discs, 2005]
The Flying Luttenbachers, "Kkring Number Two," Spectral Warrior Myths Vol. 1 [ugExplode, 2006]
Badawi, "Etheric Uprise," Safe [Asphodel, 2006]

Autechre & Hafler Trio, 1:1, aeo3 3hae [Die Stadt, 2005]
Rick Reed, "Ceremony - Parts 1 & 2," Dark Skies at Noon [Elevator Bath, 2005]

Prefuse 73, "Keeping Up With Your Quota," Security Screenings [Warp, 2005]
Carsick, "Hall Rats," Carsick [Drip Audio, 2006]
Augustus Pablo, "Jah Strength Ital Step," King David's Melody [Shanachie, 2006]
Mario Pavone Sextet, "Zine," Deez to Blues [Playscape, 2006]

breakthrough in grey room