2006 March 08

Eric Dolphy, "Hat and Beard," Out to Lunch [Blue Note, 1964]
Peter Kowald, Wadada Leo Smith and Gunter Sommer, “Wind Song in a Dance of Unity,” Touch the Earth - Break the Shells [FMP, 1997]
Peter Brötzmann, Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink, “There and Zuruck,” 3 Points and a Mountain [FMP, 1979]

Mudboy, "Lost," This Is Folk Music [Last Visible Dog, 2005]
Current 93, “Dögun,” Calling for Vanished Faces: Funeral Music for Us All [Durtro, 1999]
Ruins of Beverast, “Subterranean Homicide Lamentation,” Unlock the Shrine [Van, 2004]
Ruins of Beverast, “Euphoria when the Bombs Fell,” Unlock the Shrine [Van, 2004]

Midmight, #9-14, Almost Clear [Resipiscent, 2005]
Hetero Skeleton, b4, Relaxativity Suite (in 40 Bowel Movements) [Tyyfus, 2004]

St. Ebertshäuser, "Dan Moi VEB 02," various - Getting Closer [DMR, 2005]
Prick Decay, “Never Breaking Books (Telephone Quartet),” Guidelines for Basements Non Fidel [Very Good, 1995]
Conlon Nancarrow, “Study No. 29,” Studies for Player Piano [Wergo, 1988]
Lo Ka Ping, “Composing Poems Beneath Moonlight,” various – Lost Sounds of the Tao: Chinese Masters of the Giqin [World Arbiter, 2002]
CTI (Chris and Cosey), “Invision,” In Continuum [Conspiracy International, 1995]

Windy & Carl, "I Have Been Waiting to Hear Your Voice," The Dream House [Kranky, 2005]
Tribes of Neurot, "Wave Upon Wave," Meridian [Neurot, 2005]
Polwechsel & Fennesz, “Framing 5,” Wrapped Islands [Erstwhile, 2002]

Toshiya Tsunoda, "Sine waves mixed with the sound of a vibrating surface_2," Ridge of Undulation [Hapna, 2005]
Tralphaz, "Night," and "Pills," BUrsitis EP [self-released, 2005]
Tarantism, “Live in Brooklyn 10-03,” s/t [self-released, 2004]

B. Fleischmann, "Static Crate," The Humbucking Coil [Morr Music, 2006]
Prefuse 73, “90% of My Mind Is with You,” One Word Extinguisher [Warp, 2003]
Pan Sonic, “Johto 5/Cable 5,” Kesto [Mute, 2004]
LaConnor, "Circle," LaConnor [Drip Audio, 2005]

Reel Change, "Portraits, Pt. 1," Open in Total Darkness [Evander, 2004]
Tom Abbs & Frequency Response, "Awakening," The Animated Adventures of Knox [482, 2005]
Transit, "Red Hook," Transit [Clean Feed, 2005]
Gamelan of RRi Yogyakarta, "Pembuka," Gamelan of Central Java V. Gaya Yogyakarta [Felmay, 2005]

Avarus, "Herra Ykkönen," Jattilaisrotta [Secret Eye, 2004]
Ocean, "The Fall," Here Where Nothing Grows [Important, 2005]
Augustus Pablo, "Israel in Harmony," King David's Melody [Shanachie, 2006]

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