2006 February 22

[background music] Wauvenfold, "Podunk," 3fold [Tigerstyle, 2002]
Gamelan of RRI Yogyakarta, "Gendhing bonang Unduk," Gamelan of Central Java V. Gaya Yogyakarta [Felmay, 2005]
[background music] 3/4 Had Been Eliminated, "Monkey Talk," A Year of the Aural Gauge Operation [Hapna, 2005]

René Lussier, “On Peut Parler (Telephone 2),” Le trésor de la langue [Ambiances Magnétique, 1989]
Rova/Orkestrova, “An Alligator in your Wallet,” An Alligator in your Wallet [Ewe, 2004]
Jenny Piccolo, “Followhead,” Information Battle to Denounce the Genocide [Three One G, 1998]
Rotten Piece, ”Playing in Traffic,” The Short Songs [EF, 2004]
John Butcher, “Liberica,” Fixations (14) [Emanem, 2001]
[background music] The Advantage, "Castlevania III: Boss Music," s/t [5RC, 2005]

Jaap Blonk/Fred Lonberg-Holm/Michael Zerang, “First Meeting,” First Meeting [Buzz, 1999]
Reynols, “Colosos del Aroma,” Bolas Tristes [Matching Head, 1996 / Freedom From, 2000]
Jandek, “Blue Blister,” Chair Beside a Window [Corwood, 1982]
Weird Little Boy, “If the Gun has a Mind/Redeye/Worms and Shit,” Weird Little Boy [Avant, 1998]
[background music] Reel Change, "Portraits, Pt. 1," Open in Total Darkness [Evander, 2004]

Tom Abbs & Frequency Response, "Balancing," The Animated Adventures of Knox [482, 2005]
Eric Dolphy/Richard Davis, "Alone Together," Conversations [Metrotone, 1986]
[background music] Boris/Merzbow, Sun Baked Snow Cave [Hydrahead/2XHNI, 2005]

Cline/Shoup/Corsano, "Ghost Bell Canto," Immolation/Immersion [Strange Attractors, 2005]
Transit, "DerBlatt," Transit [Clean Feed, 2005]
Cosmologic, "Indianhead Canyon," III [Circumvention, 2005]

[background music] KK Null/Chris Watson/Z'ev, "Conclusion," Number One [Touch, 2005]
Pierre Bastien, "Noon," Pop [Rephlex, 2005]
Daria Semegen, "Electronic Composition No. 1," various - Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center 1961-1973 [New World, 1998]
Bran(...)Pos, "Mouth Units for Synthesizer Face," Quaak Muttar [Resipiscent, 2005]

Ryoji Ikeda & Carsten Nicolai, “c8,” Cyclo [Raster-Noton, 2001]
Jazzkammer, “Turntable-Surface Fireball,” Hot Action Sexy Karaoke [Groundfault, 2000]
John Cage, “Sonatas XIV and XV,” Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano

Gene Estribou, “Eeee Minor,” Intensifications (split w/ Jean Paul Pickens) [Locust, 2004]
John Duncan, “Scramble,” Mort Aux Vaches: Seek [Staalplaat, 1997]
Gunter Muller & Steinbruchel, “Basel-S,” Perspectives [List, 2005]

Rubber O Cement, “Ratar Head First...,” High Speed Electronic Cardboard [Toyo, 2002]
Toshida Tsunoda, "At stern, Tokyo bay_11 Dec 97," Ridge of Undulation [Hapna, 2005]
Graveland, “The Days of Black Sun,” Drunemeton [s/r, 1992]
Weakling, #1, Dead as Dreams [Tumult, 2000]

breakthrough in grey room