2006 February 1

Juan Torres, #4, El Organo Melodico vol 2/8
2nd Outlet (Cor Fuhler/Luc Houtkamp/Martin Blume), “Phthalocynine Green,” Burt Sienna [Nuscope, 2004]
Phil Durrant, “Chew II,” Sowari [Acta, 1997]
Thelonius Monk, “Don't Blame Me,” Criss-Cross [1963]

[background music] Alexander Tucker, "Old Fog," Old Fog [All Tomorrow's Parties, 2005]
The Tony Oxley/Alan Davie Duo, “On the Seashore,” The Alan Davie Music Workshop [2003]
Hlidolf, “Before Life,” v01d

Ennio Morricone, "Folle Folle," Crime and Dissonance [Ipecac, 2005]
Devo, “U Got Me Bugged” [ca. 1977]
Xasthur, “Telepathic with the Deceased,” Telepathic with the Deceased [2004]

Nortt, “Vanhellig,” Ligfaerd [Total Holocaust, 2005]
Sun Ra, “Calling Planet Earth,” Space Is the Place [1974]
unknown artist, “Gotong Royong,” Sundanese Wedding Ceremony: Upacara Penganten Sunda
Idjah Hadidjah, “Daun Pulus Keser Bojong,” Tonggeret [Elektra/Wea, 1987]
[background music] Taylor Ho BYnum, "Supo Eno Part 3," Other Stories [482, 2005]

The Flying Luttenbachers, "The Void Part Six," Spectral Warrior Mythos Volume One [ugExplode, 2006]
Mandalay Marionettes, "Royal Page Boy Dance," Mandalay Marionette Music [Blueberry Buddha, 2005]
Lanaya, "Soundjata," Soun Soun: La Tradition Mandingue [Terp, 1998]
Cline/Shoup/Corsano, "Beard of Pine," Immolation/Immersion [Strange Attractors, 2005]
[background music] Sonic Youth w/ Tim Barnes, #3, SYR6 [SYR, 2005]

Birgit Ulher/Gino Robair, "A Genius of Trunnels," Sputter [Creative Sources, 2005]
3/4 Had Been Eliminated, "In every tree a heartache," A year of the aural gauge operation [Hapna, 2005]
[background music] Jon Brumit, "Geography/Nowhere," Vendetta Retreat [Edgetone, 2005]

Sixes, #2, Organ Cuts II [Resipiscent, 2005]
KK Null/Chris Watson/Z'ev, "Conclusion," Number One [Touch, 2005]

Toshiya Tsunonda, "An Aluminum Plat with Low Frequencies 2," Ridge of Undulation [Hapna, 2005]
Porest, "Mother of All Mistakes," Mood Noose [Resipiscent, 2005]
The Uninvited Guests, "High Mayhem Studio, 1-14-2005," Live Recordings 01 [High Mayhem, 2005]

Midmight, #15-21, Almost Clear [Resipiscent, 2005]
Nautical Almanac, "Found Round 1," various - String of Artifacts [Fish Pies/Resipiscent, 2005]
Adam Pacione, "Cicada Lullaby," Sisyphus [Elevator Bath, 2005]

breakthrough in grey room