2006 January 25

[background music] Henry Threadgill & Make a Move, "Pink Water Pink Airplane," Everybody's Mouth's a Book [Pi, 01]
Paul Rutherford Septet, “Blue Bottle,” Chicago 2002 [Emanem, 2002]

[background music] Tralphaz, "Noon," Bursitis EP [s/r, 2005]
Michael Moore/Tristan Honsinger/Cor Fuhler, “Race in Space for Face,” Monitor [Between the Lines, 1999]
Cecil Taylor, “Second Layer (i & ii),” Indent [Arista Freedom, 1977] (recorded Antioch College, Ohio, March 11,1973)
[background music] Fieldwork, "Infogee Dub," Simulated Progress [Pi, 2004]

Archie Shepp, “Hambone,” Fire Music [Impulse, 1965]
Screamin' Jay Hawkins, “I Put a Spell on You,” [Okeh, 1956]
Baby Dodds, “Spooky Drums No. 1,” Talking and Drum Solos [Atavistic, 2003]

Luc Ferrari, "Music Promenade (1969)," various - OHM [Ellipsis Arts, 2000]
Cline/Shoup/Corsano, "Ghost Bell Canto," Immolation/Immersion [Strange Attractors, 2005]
Ornette Coleman, “Air Ship,” Of Human Feelings [1979]
Devo, "Too Much Paranoias," Are We Not Men? [Warner Brothers, 1978]
[background music] Delta 5, "Circuit," Singles & Session 1979-1981 [Kill Rock Stars, 2005]

Mighty Sparrow, "No, Doctor, No," First FLight [SMithsonian Folkways, 2005]
Mandalay Marionettes and Cultural Show, "Pagan Dance I," Mandalay Marionette Music [Blueberry Buddha, 2005]
No Neck Blues Band, "Qvaris Theme (wohihb)," Qvaris [5 Rue Christine, 2005]
Midmight, "Battle of Tullycrine" and "Taco Bell," Almost Clear [Resipiscent, 2005]
Porest, "How Things Work," Mood Noose [Resipiscent, 2005]

Richard Devine, "Vo Stream Bas," Asect:Dsect [Schematic, 2003]
KK Null/Chris Watson/Z'ev, "Climax," Number One [Touch, 2005]
The Bran (...) Pos, "Forelumps," various - String of Artifacts [Fish Pies/Resipiscent, 2005]

Mudboy, "Starlight," This Is Folk Music [Last Visible Dog, 2005]
Glorior Belli, “O Laudate Dominvs,” O Laudate Dominvs [Eerie Art, 2005]
Craft, “Earth a Raging Blaze,” Fuck the Universe [Carnal/Southern Lord, 2005]

Hjarnidaudi, “Noise,” Pain:Noise:March [Paradigms, 2006]
Badgerlore, "Building a Nest," Stories for Owls [Yik Yak, 2005]
Nautical Almanac, "Rolling in the Green," Cover the Earth [Heresee, 2005]

Nautical Almanac, "Stopstart," Cover the Earth [Heresee, 2005]
Alexander Tucker, "Phantom Rings," Old Fog [All Tomorrow's Parties, 2005]
Islaja, "Rukous," Palaa Aurikoon [Fonal, 2005]
Kuwayama-Kijima w/ Carter Thronton, B1, Shrine [Conduit Creations, 2005]

Boris with Merzbow, Sun Baked Snow Cave [HydraHead/2XHNI, 2005]

breakthrough in grey room