2006 January 18

[background music] John Fahey, "On the Beach at Waikiki," Death Chants, Breakdowns and Military Waltzes [1964]
John Fahey, "Spanish Dance," Death Chants, Breakdowns and Military Waltzes [1964]
Cline/Shoup/Corsano, "Immolation/Immersion," Immolation/Immersion [Strange Attractors, 2005]
[background music] Islaja, "Haaveilya," Palaa Aurinkoon [Fonal, 2005]

John Butcher and Gerry Hemingway, "Caged Clambroth," Shooters and Bowlers [Red Toucan, 2001]
John Zorn and Fred Frith, "The Table," The Art of Memory [Incus, 1995]
Sonic Youth w/ Tim Barnes, #3, Koncertas Stan Brakhage Prisiminimui [SYR, 2005]

Mudboy, "Lost," This Is Folk Music [Last Visible Dog, 2005]
Deerhoof, "United He-Ho Brothers," split 7" w/ Sicbay [Modern Radio, 2005]
Ennio Morricone, "L'Uccello Con Le Piume Di Cristallo (Titoli)," Crime & Dissonance [Ipecac, 2005]
Ennio Morricone, "Il Buio," Crime & Dissonance [Ipecac, 2005]
No Neck Blues Band, "Boreal Gluts," Qvaris [5RC, 2005]

Venetian Snares, "Sinthasomphone," Meathole [Planet Mu, 2005]
Psychic TV, "Ov Power," Force the Hand of Chance [1982]
Alan Licht, "The Old Victrola," Plays Well [Crank Automotive, 2000]

Adam Pacione, "Weeping CYpress," Sisyphus [Elevator Bath, 2005]
William S. Burrough, "Silver Smoke of Dreams," Break Through in Grey Room [Sub Rose, 1994]
Tralphaz, "Noon," Bursitis EP [s/r, 2005]

[background music] Sound on Survival, "Amherst," Live [Henceforth, 2005]
Stimbox, "Something with Four in It," Stimbox/Xome [Negatron Heavy Industries, 2004]
Jazzkammer, "Neon Express," Timex [Rune Grammofon, 1999]

[background music] Konono No.1, "Lufuala Ndonga," Split Series #18 (w/ the Dead C) [Fat Cat, 2005]
Sixes, "Hinnom," various - String of Artifacts [Fish Pies/Resipiscent, 2005]
Tarantism, "Love Song of the Hymenoptera," various - String of Artifacts [Fish Pies/Resipiscent, 2005]
Nautical Almanac, "Clump Clump," Cover the Earth [Heresee, 2005]
The Shining Path, "Outtakes," Vol. 2 [Eclipse, 2005]

The Dead C, #1 (locked groove), Split Series #18 (w/ Konono No.1) [Fat Cat, 2005]

breakthrough in grey room