23 November 2005 (special six hour show)

"Gong Patok," Gamelan Virtuosos: Anthology of the Music of Bali [Buda, 1995]

Tod Dockstader, “Two Fragments from Apocalypse – First Fragment,” Apocalypse
Yellow Swans, “Police Eternity,” Bring the Neon War Home [Narnack, 2004]

[voice break] XXL, "Sunday," Ciautistic [Important, 1005]

Subarachnoid Space, "The Red Veil," The Red Veil [Strange Attractors, 2005]
Circle, "Havuporti," Forest [No Quarter, 2005]

[voice break] Susuma Yokota and Rothko, "Waters Edge," Distant Sounds of Summer [Lo, 2005]

The Velvet Underground, “Venus in Furs,” The Velvet Underground and Nico
Earth, "Raiford (the Felon Wind)," Hex [Southern Lord, 2005]

[voice break] Black Dice, "Street Dude," Broken Ear Record [Astralwerks/DFA, 2005]

Sunn o))), "Bathory Erzsebet," Black One [Southern Lord, 2005]

[voice break] Spires That in the Sunset Rise, "Serum," Four Winds the Walker [Secret Eye, 2005]

Xasthur, “Storms of Red Revenge,” A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors [2004]
Therion, “Ho Drakon, Ho Megas (part 2),” Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon, Ho Megas [1994]
Therion, “The Ritual Dance of the Yezidis,” Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon, Ho Megas [1994]
Morbid Angel, “Day of Suffering,” Blessed Are the Sick [Earache, 1990]

[voice break] If Thousands, "Providence," I Have Nothing [Silber, 2005]

Mayhem, “Deathcrush,” Dawn of the Black Hearts [1990]
Sacramentum, “Fog's Kiss,” Far Away from the Sun [Adipocere, 1995]
The Grey Daturas, “My Sciatica,” Dead in the Woods
Navid Afghah, "Life," Genesis [Hermes, 2003]

[voice break] Modular Set, "Underhill," Beached on the Half Landing [Howell's Transmitter, 2005]

Liz Allbee, "Those Whinatheros," Quarry Tones [Resipiscent, 2005]
Tara Van Flower, "Rabbit," My Little Fire-Filled Heart [Silber, 2005]
Guillermo Gregorio, "Coplanar 5," Coplanar [New World, 2005]

[voice break] Prefuse 73, Reads the Books EP [Warp, 2005]

Fennesz and Sakamoto, Sala Santa Cecilia [Touch, 2005]
Jan Jelinek, "Universal Band Silhouette," Kosmischer Pitch [Scape, 2005]

Ustad Shahid Parvez, "Raga Darbari," Magnificent Melody [Felmay, 2004]

[voice break] Derek Bailey, "After 9 Weeks," Carpal Tunnel [Tzadik, 2005]

Sonny Simmons, “Purple Rays,” Manhattan Egos
Wadada Leo Smith with the Bill Smith Ensemble, “Rastafari,” Rastafari [Sackville]
Morton Feldman, “Work for Two Pianists,” Complete Works for Two Pianos
Sun Ra, “Sunset on the Nile,” Mayan Temples [Black Saint, 1990]
The Bobbettes, “Look at the Stars,” The Best of the Bobbettes [1997]
Link Wray, "Walkin With Link," Slinky

“Gending ageng Andong-andong,” The Royal Palace Of Yogyakarta. 3 - Spiritual And Sacred Music. [Ocora, 2003]
Venetian Snares, “Breakfast Time for Baboons,” Songs About My Cats

[voice break] The Complainer, “Porque Te Next (this is not a cover),” Sponsored by Retro Sex Gallery [2005]

Tralphaz, "Noon," Bursitis EP [s/r, 2005]
Bran (...) Pos, "Pinball Paneer!," Quaak Muttar [Resipiscent, 2005]

[voice break] Robert Fripp, A2, God Save the Queen

Birgit Uhler and Gino Robair, "The Downy Monsters," Sputter [Creative Sources, 2005]
Taylor Ho Bynum, "Supo Eno Part 3," Other Stories (Three Suites) [482, 2005]
Caroliner, "My Own Jingle Bones," Transcontinental Pinecone Collector [s/r, 2005]
Caroliner, "Dust Study Room," Transcontinental Pinecone Collector [s/r, 2005]
Bucket of Blood, "Get Out and Get Under," The 49ers [Tab]
Bucket of Blood, "Under the Double Eagle," The 49ers [Tab]
Cock ESP/Costes, "Such a Beauty," We Would Be Happy: A Noise Opera [Sunship, etc., 2005]

breakthrough in grey room