09 November 2005

[voice break] Snowsuit & Tralphaz, "SnoTral 2," Renewal [DoggPony, 2005]

Nordvargr + Drakh, “Void ad Infernum,” Cold Void of Nothing
Morton Feldman, “Durations I,” Durations & Coptic light [CPO, 1997]

[voice break] Volcano the Bear, "The God's Are Massive," Catonapotato [Digitalis, 2005]

John Cage, “Etude 17,” Freeman Etudes
Fuchs/Lindsay/Smith/Baghdassarians/Baltschun, “Ma(r)ker #4,” The Happymakers
Paal Nilssen-Love + Mats Gustafsson, “I Love It,” I Love It When You Snore [Smalltown Supersound]

[voice break] Cock ESP/Costes, "Miami Pussy," We Would Be Happy [Sunship, etc. 2005]

Polwechsel, “Falb,” Polwechsel 2
Murcof, "Razon (en 3 partes)," Remembranza [Leaf, 2005]

[voice break] Greg Davis + Sebastien Roux, "I Am Waiting (for December)," Paquet Surprise [Carpark, 2005]

Jugala, “Iring-Iring Daun Puring,” Daun Puring
Abner Jay, “Woke Up this Morning,” One Man Band 1930-1960 [2004]

[voice break] Pharoah Sanders, "Astral Travelling (Boozoo Bajou Remix)," various - Impulsive: Revolutionary Jazz Reworked [Impulse/Universal, 2005]

Dirty Three, "Doris," Cinder [Touch & Go, 2005]
Hobart Smith, "Banging Breakdown," In Sacred Trust [Smithsonian FOlkways, 2005]
Old Time Relijun, "Your Mama Used to Dance," 2012 [K, 2005]
Pexbaa, "Peudo," s/t [Amplitude, 2005]
Alan Sondheim & Ritual All 770, #2, The Songs [Fire Museum, 2005]
Either/Orchestra, "Antchim Endelela," Live in Addis [Ethiopiques/Buda, 2005]

[voice break] Ustad Shahid Parvez, "Raga Darbari," Magnificent Melody [Dunya/Felmay, 2005]

Peter Brotzman + Hamid Drake, “Trees Have Roots in the Earth,” Dried Rat Dog

[voice break] Thollem McDonas, "The Ohlone Way," Solo Piano [Pax, 2005]

Sunn o))), “Orthodox Caveman,” Black One [2005]
Bastard Noise + Guilty Connector, “In the Face of So Vast a Threat,” Decimation Cycle 7” [Utsu Tapes, 2003]
Bran (...) Pos, "Mouth Units for Synthesizer Face," Quaak Muttar [Resipiscent, 2005]

[voice break] Marclay/Tone/Wolff, Event [Asphodel, 2005]

Ikue Mori, "Minecat," Myrninerest [Tzadik, 2005]
Ring Steppers, "17 (Sean Mix 1)," s/t [Quodlibet, 2005]
Smile Adventure, "His Thorn Torn Brow," various - Monsters with Machines [s/r, 2005]
Danger Doom, "Space Ho's," The Mouse and the Mask [Epitaph, 2005]
Prefuse73, "Pagina Dos," Prefuse73 Reads the Books EP [Warp, 2005]
Jan Jelinek, "Vibraphonspulen," Kosmicher Pitch [Scape, 2005]

[voice break] If Thousands, "Walking Otis," I Have Nothing [Silber, 2005]

Deerhoof, "Running Thoughts," The Runners Four [5rc, 2005]
Koenjihyakkei, "Angherr Shisspa," Angherr Shisspa [Skin Graft, 2005]
Made in Mexico, "Napalm Springs," Zodiac Zoo [Skin Graft, 2005]
Lightning Bolt, "Captain Caveman," Hypermagic Mountain [Load, 2005]

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