26 October 2005

[voice break] Cecil Taylor and Italian Instabile Orchestra, #1, The Owner of the River Bank [Enja, 2003]

John Cage, “Imaginary Landscape No. 1,” The 25-Year Retrospective Concert [1958]
Fennesz/Kurzmann/Dafeldecker w/ Kevin Drumm (guit.), “Wels,” [1998]

[voice break] Steve Reich, "You Are Wherever Your Thoughts Are," You Are (Variations) [Nonesuch, 2005]

Coil vs. ELpH, “pHILM #1 (vox),” pHILM #1
Tarantism, “Hard Socks,” untitled [s/r, 2004]

[voice break] Bill Frisell, "858-8," Richter 858 [Songlines, 2005]

Rodrigo Amado/Carlos Zingaro/Ken Filiano, “Around the House,” The Space Between [2003]
Hans Gruesel's Krankenkabinet, "Welleguertel No. 3," Das Boot: Early Works [s/r, 2003]

[voice break] Cock ESP/Costes, "Such a Beauty," We Would Be Happy [Sunship, etc., 2005]

Fuchs/Lindsay/Smith/Baghdassarians/Baltschun, “Ma(r)ker #2,” The Happymakers [2003]
Exhaust, "Silence Sur Le Plateaux," Enregistreur [Constellation, 2002]

[voice break] Aemae, "Neurotransmitter Light Unfolds," The Helical Word [Isounderscore, 2005]

Sunn o))), “Hell-o)))-Ween,” White 2 [Southern Lord, 2004]
John Butcher and Phil Durrant, “Sheet Bend,” Requests and Antisongs [Erstwhile]

[voice break] CCCC, "Part 1," Loud Sounds Dopa [Endorphine Factory, 2993]

Gunter Muller, Voice Crack and Jim O'Rourke, “Hair Toaster,” Table, Chair and Hatstand
Vernon Dalhart, “The Wreck On The Southern Old 97,” [Edison Diamond Disc 51361-R (9514 A-8-1), 1924]
Billy Murray, “Fido Is a Hot Dog Now,” [Victor 17620-B, 1914]
Borful Tang, "Majestic Shuffle," Root [Snurp, 2005]

[voice break] Boards of Canada, "Dayvan Cowboy," The Campfire Headphase [Warp, 2005]

Ikue Mori, "Conflict," Myrninerest [Tzadik, 2005]
Wendy Carlos, "Fanfare and Drunken Dies," Rediscovering Lost Scores [East Side Digital, 2005]
Jega, "Recursion," Geometry [Matador, 2000]
Greg Davis/Sebastien Roux, "Sea Grasses and Blue Sea," Paquet Surprise [Carpark, 2005]

[voice break] Caribou, "A Final Warning," The Milk of Human Kindness [Domino, 2005]

Modular Set, "Tight Pool," Beached on the Half Landing [Howell's Transmitter, 2005]
Veronica Lipgloss & the Evil Eyes, "Mars," The Witch's Dagger [GSL, 2005]
Deerhoof, "Wrong Time Capsule," The Runners Four [5RC/KRS, 2005]
Panatda, "Let's Go!," various - Thai Beat A Go-Go vol. 3 [Subliminal Sounds, 2005]

[voice break] Sleeping People, "Fripp for Girls," s/t [Temporary Residence, 2005]

Rodd Keith, "Get on my Honda, Rhonda," Saucers in the Sky [Roaratorio, 2005]
The Ex, "Enough Is Enough," Singles.Period. [Touch & Go, 2005]
The Fall, "I Can Hear the Grass Grow," Fall Heads Roll [Narnack, 2005]
Lightning Bolt, "Dead Cowboy," Hypermagic Mountain [Load, 2005]

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