07 September 2005

[voice break] Daedelus, "I Sent Off," Exquisite Corpse [Mush, 2005]

Shuttle 358, “I'm Not Afraid,” Understanding Wildlife [Mille Plateaux, 2002]
Skist, “Shift,” various - Clicks & Cuts Vol. 1
Warmdesk, “Dormo,” various – Bip-Hop Generation v.2 [Bip Hop, 2001]

[voice break] Yip Yip, "100 MPH Checker Champ," Pro-Twelve Thinker [2005]

Blectum from Blechdom, “Toilet Trouble,” The Messy Jesse Fiesta
Faust & Dalek, “Remnants,” Derbe Respect, Alder [Staubgold, 2004]
Es, “Sadekellot,” Kaikkeuden Kauneus Ja Kasittomattomyys [Fonal, 2004]
The Cortet, "RH," HHHH [Unsounds, 2005]

[voice break] Vertonen, "Our Sterile Years, Resumed," Orchid Collider [CIP, 2005]

Television Power Electric, “The Freshman,” Television Power Electric
Okkyung Lee, "On a Windy Day," Nihm [Tzadik, 2005]
Navid Afghah, "Universe," Genesis [Hermes, 2003]

[voice break] Thuja, 2:1, Pine Cone Temples [Strange Attractors, 2005]

Aaron Dilloway, #1, Inside Dead Bird [Hanson]
Marclay, Tone, Wolff; Event [Asphodel, 2005]

[voice break] Rova:Orkestrova, #4, Electric Ascension [Atavistic, 2005]

Koji Asano, "Park," Final Insurance [Solstice, 2005]
Merzob, "Sphere Pt. 2," Sphere [Tzadik, 2005]
Lasse Marhaug, #5, Nothing But Sound from Now On [Smalltown Supersound, 2001]
Sissy Spacek, #40, s/t [Helicopter, 2001]

[voice break] Marc Ribot, "Saints," Spiritual Unity [Pi, 2005]

Aemae, "Qaadah," The Helical Word [Isounderscore, 2005]

[voice break] Zakir Hussein & the Rhythm Experience, "Ryupak," s/t [Moment, 1991]

Harry Pussy, “Drop the Bomb,” Live 10” [Cherry Smash]
Pussy Galore, “Kock Up,” Right Now
Black Dice, "Motorcycle," Broken Ear Record [Astralwerks/DFA, 2005]
Vocokesh, "12 Monkeys," Through the Smoke [Strange Attractors, 2005]
Acid Mothers Temple, "OM Riff from the Cosmic Inferno," Iao Chant from the Cosmic Inferno [Ace Fu, 2005]

Quintron, "Hurricane," Unmasked Organ Light Year ofInfinity Man [Bulb, 2000]
Lozenge, "Grychchyng & Gruntyng," Undone [Sickroom, 2005]
Caroliner, "My Own Jingle Bones," Transcontinental Pinecone Collector [s/r, 2005]

[voice break] Pexbaa, "Peudo," s/t [Amplitude, 2005]

Henry Jacobs, #13, The Wide Weird World of Henry Jacobs [Important, 2005]
Bron y Aur, "das Ure loch," Between 13 & 16 [Wallace, 2005]
Pavement, “Maybe Maybe,” Westing, by Musket and Sextant[1993]
Mahala Rai Banda, "Mahalageasca," Rough Guide to the Music of Balkan Gypsies
Emmanuel Jal, "Gua," Rough Guide to the Music of Sudan

breakthrough in grey room